Tid Bits

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Hi friends…..

Well today is a glorious day…I slept well..finally!  A few reasons…..1 I finally gave into the should pain..it was on the down swing and I took some ibuprofen last night. I hate taking any medications..even aspirin and ibuprofen. I will wait until an infection has taken over before I take an antibiotic…because I want to see if I can get it to heal on it’s own first. I have a high tolerance for pain..so I just *like* to push through. But I was having an allergy attack light night as well….and I was tired of sneezing and simultaneously peeing my pants….100 times in a row.. 2. so I also took a benadryl. I could barely function by 9:30. So I read a bit of my “Sister Wives” book that came yesterday and feel fast asleep. I slept all night which is pretty rare for me. YAY!

So in short shoulder feels better today..and I feel good because I slept. I guess medications are good every once in awhile.

Here is a sneek peek of what I hope comes off the frame today: I LOVE this quilt! Of course it’s by Laura..who is also the famous Cartwheels piecer. LOL. Lots of ruler work on this as it’s king size…I have never done this much ruler work on a quilt before..mostly because it’s king size. But it looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see it off the frame. :)

I also finished this quilt on monday….well piecing not quilting. It’s perfect lap quilt size..so I am going to buy some minkee for the back. I actually have the perfect cotton backing for it…but all lap quilts should have minkee don’t you think? I had a batik jelly roll laying around…so I just put this quilt together on a whim…and now its off my cutting counter! YIPPEE! I had opened it to steal a strip out of it for another project…once you open a jelly roll it doesn’t ever go back the same..right. So I left it there to make a quick project. I had been hoarding that pink border batik fabric..it was almost painful to cut into it. but I must use some of my stash. It’s insane to hoard all this stuff.

Speaking of cutting counter I added something yesterday…..bins.

Yep! I decided in order for me to actually cut my scraps as I go I needed to have a storage system in which to put them in as I go along…so I dutifully went and found some that will work..nothing pretty…just rubbermaid ones. I will label them and I have already started sorting and storing. Pretty exciting! It’s so hard to decide what to cut and what not to cut. I mean in a way we are limiting ourselves to what we have cut…right? but I also find a big bin with random pieces overwhelming in a way. So I will have to come up with my own system that works for me. Who knows? I bounce around from one thing to another …so I am not uniform in what I like to make.

Speaking of that I have another Jelly roll that is opened on my cutting counter which will be my next project..I have already found the pattern that I want to make with it on the Moda Bake shop…. It will be quick and easy..fun and beautiful!


I also found out I need a rabies vaccine for my mission. 600$ yep! Crazy right? More fund raising I guess. I even called my vet ( per Jane’s Idea) and the vet said it’s a different vaccine….what? I think they are probably mis informed themselves..but also I understand the risk and why they won’t inject me..since I am human and all…..they inject horses and whatever else…I thought about risking it and just not taking the vaccine….but I will be ten hours away from the nearest hospital…so that may not be wise. So I need to sell more quilts……and raffle tickets. Perfectly fine! It will all work out!


Well I better get to work..lots to do!




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