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Tomorrow is my birthday. I am reminded of this anytime I talk to someone this week..cause I keep forgetting. Now it’s probably denial. LOL

I have bad memories of my childhood….I have written of that before…but to give credit where credit is due…Beverly ( my mother…I don’t call her mother) actually did holidays and birthdays well. Christmas was always a good day..even when we were poor Christmas was good. Birthdays were also done well..even if we didn’t have a dime..we always had a cake…and our day was made special in some way…one year I think I was 8…in the middle of a heat wave ( no A/C) I had asked to have a big turkey dinner as my special birthday dinner..and that’s what I got. My favorite cake as a kid? Need you ask? Cherry chip with pink frosting of course.  everything had to be pink…nothing has really changed there…LOL although now my favorite cake is actually Carrot cake.

Beverly has been spiraling again lately…..her path of destruction knows no bounds..its in these times when I have to think of the “good” times we actually did have ….there were a few sane ones here and there….and if I keep focused on that I don’t have to feel bad about her actions now. My poor brother is her target right if we could all just pray for him….he needs it. Last summer was some hard days for him…and I really just don’t want all the progress he has made  wiped he is heavy on my heart.

I also have a a friend..a single mom with 6 kids. One of her daughters is admitted to the hospital..she is not doing well..if we could pray for her as well..I would appreciate that. I have an extra kid cause she has farmed out the rest of her younger kids to people…so  just pray for healing…and rest.

Tonight we went to The Rangs for a BBQ. I love that family. They are so sweet and nice. Cindi always takes time to teach Clarissa something new she has found….this time we harvested some walnuts…so Clarissa will be watching those and perseverating everyday about when those walnuts will be ready to eat….ummm like October..or November. LOL I also got to pick up some I am going to make some rhubarb syrup for iced tea..and maybe a few baked goods as well…yummy! Clarissa also likes to go there because they are animal lovers (like her)…and there is a critter around every corner. Clarissa has been saying since she was 3 that she will be a vet when she grows up….I have not had the heart to tell her that being a vet is not fun times. It’s mostly sad times. So we shall see…but she is 9 and nothing is set in stone….her second option (at this time) is to be a teacher.

Here is a link to the rhubarb syrup ..I am going to try this and see how it is….I am excited!

Oh I also read this book:I finished it last weekend. I read it in a couple of days. I wouldn’t say it was a page turner that I was additced to…but if you watch the show some of it wasn’t anything new to you. I still think I could be a sister wife..if I believed in their faith…but I don’ it’s not my calling. Darn! LOL I think that the show has really done a great job of making their relationships…. to seem happier than they are…cause I would have never really known the deep seeded issues that they really have…but in the grand scheme of things..I think it’s all really to be expected. Just like any have to’s just that in this marriage you have to compromise with several other people…not just one person. I think it’s more difficult….but the trade offs are good…in some ways. So I keep trying to ask myself…Should they be able to live this way legally? Homosexuals are allowed to be married….why can’t these people live out their faith publically..legally? I don’t create laws…But I can say I love this family. I love their show..and I only want the best for them…..but I think polygymay in America will always be associated with perverts like Warren Jeffs, who likes to rape little girls and say it’s his right by faith. This family isn’t like that..most probably aren’t and it’s sad that they get that reputation. There are several Catholic Preists with the same stigma..right? Yet we don’t outlaw that? I don’t know what the dividing line is……but I bought their book and I am somehow not ashamed to support their cause….so I will leave it at that…and let the chips fall as they may.

Regardless of their beliefs they aren’t hurting anyone…so let freedom ring!

I also came across this quilt today: Moda Bakeshop  Can we say LOVE?

I quilted one kind of similar to this about a month ago for my friend Sabrina……I just think it’s so adorable..and I have organized my scraps….so I have plenty of charms I can pull out and whip out this little cutie!  It’s going on my “To-Do” list For sure!

Well I am going to finish up a quilt and head to bed….Thanks so much! Please pray. Many blessings





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