Thursday….re-organize day.

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Hi all.

Well today I barely could muster the energy to get one quilt done..I finally made it..I am not sure what my problem is…Honestly? I couldn’t focus today because I was so tired…so I decided to take a little rest with my new Snowgirl quilt..and my Tula Pink book….well as the kids wandered in the house ..they kept asking..”mom are you ok?”…”Mom are you feeling sick?” ..LOL They are not used to me resting at all..weird huh? But I did manage to get through Zumba….I actually worked out hard today during Zumba..the more you know the routines..the better the work out…I was able to focus on tightening my abs as I worked I felt good about that. She has been working more routines into the work-out..I have noticed the last couple times that the ladies clap when our first cool down song comes on…lol …so it must be working out several of us.

I also did some re-arranging in my studio….I actually have my “stash” spread out to several areas in my house…2 closets and my studio. I have quite a bit of Scrapbooking supplies because that was my hobby before quilting…now as much as I love scrapbooking…it just seems to far away because I can’t leave a station set up….I will have to wait for my kids to leave home so I can scrapbook their lives..LOL..but honestly they do have so many scrapbooks…at one time I couldn’t scrap book because I has scrapped all the pictures I had. funny huh? SO I moved my rubber stamping and some of my scrapbooking supplies to the closet and took all the quilting stuff out….and I am putting it in my studio..I also moved my binding machine out of my studio…I bought it and I don’t use..I need to sell it or put it in storage. But I did move my treadmill into the studio….I need to clean it up some..but it folds up when not in it’s nice because I can take some time out of my days and walk a few minutes here and there until I can build up to a jog….hopefully eventually a run?

It’s days like today where I am super glad I have a bunch of boys..they helped me get everything moved and situated….so now I am re-arranging and re-organizing…I have so much more stuff to put away and find places my cutting table is covered with a mountain ( per usual)  ..but at least everything else is put away and ready to get back to work.

I actually found a bunch of stuff that I forgot about…it is amazing how things “Collect” Before I started working at the LQS all my stash fit into a tub…..or two. now I have shelves….and baskets.

Well….I had better catch some Z’s I have breakfast with the girls tomorrow. Have a blessed night.




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