Thursday Night the end of a long week…

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Well I spent Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday at the shop. Monday was Dear jane….I have been behind for 6 weeks on my Dj blocks. I have been sewing them like a mad woman the last couple of days so I can maybe catch up to my girls..they will be shocked at our next meeting….I am hoping to get caught up and get ahead of them again. (well maybe some of them..some of the gals are like weeks ahead!)

On Tuesday& Wednesday I had an innova training. I don’t usually do those..but Cindi is sick…and she asked me on Monday if I would do it….1 day I got as much done as I could this week..good thing I WAS caught up. LOL cause now I am not.  Wed was really only a few hours cause then I got a call from Rob he injured his back at work..& we spent the afternoon at the hospital. He only pulled a muscle..but I think we are always on high alert…he has already had one back surgery and he is our bread winner….so no risks when that is a stake. He has been resting & in pain…but up and around late this afternoon.

I had zumba tonight and I have been not sticking to diet this week. So I need to do something about that. I am getting another surprise package in the mail agian tomorrow I can’t wait to post it all for you to see..I am pretty excited about it.

Well I hope you all have a fabulous night! Blessings.






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