Thursday……It’s a Good Day!

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Today was filled with excitement!

My Brother and his partner came into town. They live in Seattle because it’s a little more “Gay’ friendly than Spokane ..(where we are all actually from)….and because basically my brother just loves the Seattle area…it doesn’t get to hot…lots of good shopping and lots of things to do. Plus my brother is the type that just likes to blend in…no confrontations, no square pegs in a round hole type of a thing because Seattle is a melting pot of everyone and everything. I really Love Seattle as well. I love the hustle and bustle of everything..the funky smells…the sea air and all the inspiration. However, I can’t afford to live there. So I will make do 2 hours away in farm country…..where the smells aren’t so great ( cow manure) and the crime system is the “Good Ole boys”  ….but at least it’s affordable. WA has really high rates..I seee the kind of houses people get down south for the amount we pay..and it would almost be worth moving…if I didn’t mind the humidity and 100 degree weather. I would die…so living in WA  is worth paying a little extra for a smaller, older house. HEHE.

Anyway…My brother, Nathan and his partner, Robert bought 3 quilts from my mission sale..and came all this way to pick them up, go shopping at Wal-Mart and take us to dinner..wasn’t that Sweet?  they love our Wal-mart? I think that is such a weird thing. We don’t even have a really great’s just cleaner than others I have seen. SO maybe that is why?

We had a nice time. Nathan and I are close..we have that sibling connection..and no matter what we will love each other. We have been through the imagineable together and survived. If we weren’t bonded before that ( our childhood) it certainly happened through the course of our childhood.  We are only 14 months apart. we don’t even know if we have the same father…I think we might…but nobody knows?  So when we get together..there is absolute comfort because there are no pretenses….stress or strife. I love that. I love that he is so easy going…that we laugh at the same jokes..we understand the same things. Connections. I miss him already.

So I actually did get one quilt done today! Yippee! I will also have one pieced:I am going to get this pieced…so it will be off my cutting counter…it’s the Sweeatwater line that came out last summer…”Sun Kissed”  Yeah….it’s been sitting since last October.  I will have the blocks and center done tonight…but I am making  piano border from that may have to wait until tomorrow.

I am proud to say that my cutting counter almost has an empty spot :One more packet of UFO blocks and a Clean spot! YAHOO!  See I just knew if I made a goal ( I am such a star chart kid!) of getting my cutting counter may actually happen!

That is becuase I actually peiced a whole quilt top last night …and a backing for it..the size of said quilt top? 79×108…weird size right? It was an improve piece. I sketched it out and just went with it. I don’t want to show it yet because I want to show it quilted.But I will say I used 12 blocks from the 36 blocks I have in a pink/brown color way. I also have a plan for the other 24 blocks….I also sketched that out last night. This is just a peek of Victoria’s quilt..I don’t want to show it until it’s quilted either….But it also was a “pile” on my cutting counter. Teh next UFO will have to be this one: because the girls in my quilt group will want to see the differnt options of the mystery quilt..and it shouldn’t take long to complete. Then I will really have to tackle those blocks in the in the plastic bag on my sewing table…ahhhhh! feels good to get some things done. Maybe I will see my cutting counter by the end of the year?

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  1. Karin July 26, 2012 at 10:16 pm - Reply

    You don’t know it, but you made progress in Texas today, too! You got 8 blocks pieced, and they do look good! :) Just sayin!

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