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Hi Friends,
Well today I got a few of my own quilts finished..along with shop quilts..tomorrow will be a day to work on Charismas Corner quilts yay! Plus I am going to try and get my Table runner finished up for Lindawe are doing a valentine table runner swap..I have everything out and ready to go.I am going to make one for me and one for her like a 2-4-1.HURRAY!
Rob and I went on a date today  …it was payday..I wrote out the bills..and what did you know? We had enough money to go on a date. We have been very good about our expenses and sticking to the plan..which I think is killing him but it is good discipline for us.
We heard back from one of the churches we want to try out..they called sounds like a possibility. So we worked it out with the Geunthers tonight as to which church we would try first. We are going to go two weeks at one church then two weeks at another notes and go from there. I like having a plan. While at dinner Rob and I mostly talked about that ..and the kids.. I wonder if we can ever have a dinner and talk about the kids? LOL Will it ever come to that? Probably not..I am sure.
Most of the scrap boxes went out today they were addressed randomly I cant even tell any of you what was in each box..except maybe most of them had white muslin in them I have been using that as a lot of my backing when I trim the quilts there is quite a bit extra.and maybe could be used as a background.
The boys are heading to Spokane tomorrow to be with Landon for a few days they will come back Sunday Other than that the same old stuff is going on around here. Bryce has a friend who has a troubled home life. He stays from house to house.Bryce was kind of concerned about him yesterday so Rob and I talked at dinner tonight . We said he could stay at our house..but he has the same rules as our own kids. Which means no wondering around town… in and out business. We dont let our own kids do that so if he is here ..he is completely welcome ..but that means he is here. Bryce says his friend doesn’t even have a bedroom at home he is not really welcome his step-dad doesn’t like him. In all honesty I dont see why. He is a really nice boy. He has stayed here Bryce has been friends with him for years and the other parents he stays with like him. I guess he gets teased at school sometimes too because he was caught crying at a movie..poor guy. That just makes me want to hug him! LOL
We actually have an open door policy here and most kids migrate here but we are so strict that some of them migrate where there is more freedom..the kids that crave structure .well they love it here. LOL You know how when your kids have something they take it for granted..yeah! I get teased ( by my boys) because I am always lovin up on the kids..(That could sound horrible)..but Honestly I just love them all in a mom way. The kids love it! It is easy for me to love..especially children.
We always have enough food,we always have enough room,and we always offer a kind word or ear.
One of my favorite moments was when Bryce was in the 7th grade I think we were at the pool..he came to me and said:
Mom I have a friend that needs to talk to you
Me: Oh OK
B: well it is  kind of important..
Me: Oh Ok I am here.
He brings his friend over who was distraught about his home life. I wanted to cry.I held back. LOL I gave the boy scripture and coping mechanisms, but really it was just the comfort he needed.
After his friend and I talked Bryce looked at me then back at his friend and said : See I told you my mom would understand.
AWE!! That just melted me.
Bryce and I had horrible issues last summer..i didnt know if we would make it but I think we are back on track..he is such a good boy.with a good heart just insecure. I know he will be an amazing leader if he gains so me confidence along the way.
Well I should sign off it’s midnight and I am beat!


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  1. Karin January 13, 2012 at 9:39 am - Reply

    Charisma, our house was always the “hang-out” house, too! We had more kids calling us Miz C & Pop than I could shake a stick at – and like you, we kept one set of rules for them all, strict. They were always welcome to eat whatever was available, but they had to wash up their own dishes, and if I needed a hand with the animals or veggie patch, they were just as likely to be called upon as one of my own. I think they all really appreciated that, and I can only hope that we were able to instill some sense of responsibility and compassion in ’em!

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