Thursday Before the Show

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OK so today is the day..I have to take all of my quilts down to the show..Today is the day they will be judged….after everything is set up. I don’t really anticipate winning anything because I am not sure that mine will actually be judged? So we will see.  I will let you know.

I am taking a team of kids to help set up racks and hang. I spent a few hours yesterday typing up notes on each quilt and pinning them.  My house looks bare because I have taken all the quilts off the walls. You know how kids find comfort in their regular everyday surroundings? Clarissa said ” Mom this house is bald, I don’t like it!” …”I don’t even recognize this place”…LOL She is so funny. It is kind of empty without the quilts hung….but it’s only a few days.

After we hang quilts then I have to take them shopping for food for the event fundraiser. Then tonight the kids are gathering at the church to prepare the food for the quilt show & make posters. I am so happy with the amount of help we are recieving. HOnestly, we will have two adults for each day at the quilt show to help the teens. It all just came together and all I had to do was ask.  Pretty spiffy!

My poor Dh has been suffereing this week and of course this is my busiest week ever. He started working his 12-15 shifts at work. They started the harvest of peas. So it’s the first time they are running everything.. he has to be there to work out all the kinks…so not much time for lunch or drinks. The guy is dehydrated..cramps in his legs…exhausted and  on top of that training. But if all goes well today he will be home this weekend for a three day weekend…which is highly unusual this early in the season. He needs it. Plus I am kind of excited that he can be there on my day as well. he has put so much work into my business that it’s really his day too. Two of my Besties will be here Friday night ..YAY!

My Baptism is also going to be Saturday night….and I have a friend getting baptized with me as well. Very special! Lots of exciting things! Life is just happening around here.

I hope you all have a blessed day! I will keep you all updated and take lots of pictures at the show.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support of me, my business and just your love. without all of you…I really woudln’t have this opportunity. So THANKS! Much LOVE!

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  1. Teresa S. Lowery June 21, 2012 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    Congratulations!!!! Have a good time and enjoy yourself. Can’t wait for pics. Blessings T

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