Thursday a Snow day in January

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Well we got the call last night that school is delayed for 2 hours this morning..the kids are elated. they thought it might snow a bit more last night but it didn’t it’s just teh freezing wind going crazy.

But you know what a delayed morning means? WAffles. YEs Waffles. I saw this coming a mile away. So I ate my breakfast already that, way I wouldn’t be tempted by waffles. I like waffles….but I don’t LOVE waffles. You know what would really tempt me? Hashbrowns. If someone made hashbrowns..I am not sure I could say no. There is something about potatoes right? I think it’s a girl thing or biscuits and gravy. Well thank goodness my kids don’t request that stuff so I am safe. It’s waffles or berry pancakes. Rob’s work does trading with some other companies so we always get frozen berries..marian berries, blueberries, boysenberries. We add them to our pancakes. It’s so yummy.

So Rob and I both struggled last night with wanting a snack. We ended up getting out the organic corn chips and eating a bit of salsa. but I know each chip was worth 10 I still stayed within my budget. YAY! two days down….and only a lifetime to go. LOL

Anyway, I have a quilt to post. This is from Peggy in WA.

I thought this quilt was beautiful. The rich colors the great piecing. The pictures are a bit blurry. ( Virginia would be wagging her finger at me)

She actually sent me three quilts and I love each one….so I will try to post pictures of her second one today as well.

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