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Hi’s been awhile since I spilled my guts..poured my heart out or simply gave my thoughts…hasn’t it? This week FLEW by! I can’t even really say why?

Well today I got the first statement of all my school loans statements and all the info of how much I owe..what my payments will be…can I say heart attack? I know it was worth it ( I think) and it’s ok….I mean it’s a little late not to accept it right? LOL but I have been in school …for as long as I was in school …and for as much FAFSA I did get( I am so grateful for what I did recieve)  it’s not that bad..I suppose. When I called the lady to get the bottom line…she apologized to me and said “You know it’s not as bad as you think..” I kind of groaned in the phone when she read me the total…I think she felt bad for me. LOL   Oh well life goes on. It could always be worse. I will just be quilting for a long time.

Tonight Preston’s school had science night, the middle school had a dance ( Cole & Carl )  and I taught a long arm class at my LQS. The theme was trapunto….so I took many different quilts that have different batting combinations to demonstrate. I get so nervous…IDK why? and I am not a natural teacher..I speak to fast and breaking down steps is hard for me..but they work with me and love me anyway. LOL

They just kept asking questions..which is perfectly fine I could answer the same question 50 times and not get frustrated…most of the time.

My friend has been on this no carb diet…it’s a specific diet. …she has lost 50 pounds since Jan 1. she emailed it to me…I am thinking about staring it….monday. You eat on this diet for 12 days then off for 2 ( those two you can eat whatever you want) …it’s going to be hard…but it may be a good kickstart for me. I have been failing lately. Plus i think it’s something I could do and still eat out with my friends and what not. I will let you know how I do.

Other than that I have been quilting, visiting friends, managing bills, household stuff…and ??? whatever else my everyday life calls for.

I have been amazed recently at the “talk” I have heard in town…small town life..some people never change..LOL. I try not to hear what people say because I don’t need to know anything…honestly. I spend most of my time in my studio and talking to my blog..LOL. ( I don’t know if that’s healthy) Except my family…I mean when you have 6 kids you talk alot whether you want to or not…..Do any of you watch “The Middle” I LOVE that show. So the night I talked about valentines was so funny because I wrote all that stuff about how we( Rob &I) don’t celebrate that holiday then I watched my DVR of The MIddle and it was just like an episode of the Rob and Charisma Show. Then last night I watched The Middle and I am cracking up because the nagging mom…the kids calling the parents to the meeting because they want to learn from their own mistakes…LOL . I would just like to say the personalities of those 3 kids..are totally representative of three kids in my house..I am not even kidding.

Well it’s time to get in my Pj’s and go to work in teh studio..Kids are coming home…getting showered and going to my second shift starts..LOL

have a great night!




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