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Not much to say.

I worked, Avoided work for a bit …had lunch at the shop. Heated up leftovers for dinner. Yep it’s been one of those days.

During dinner…Preston mentioned Cole’s coach and the tears started flowing. Dang!

Cole is sensitive…he holds alot in..and then one comment will make the dam over flow and it’s all over.

Cole is in a hard situation. Can I just say how much I hate small town politics? Can I just say how much I dislike football? I have come to resent some coaches in football. The whole football experience really.

Cole has had the same coach every year. Cole happenes to be a great player. So great in fact that he can play almost any position…and play it well. The disadvanatge is that he always wants to play quarterback….and the coach wants his own son to play that position. Every year the coach will make promises to my son that he can play back up…or in a game ( my son is a better player than his). Every year the coach lets him down. I am not one of thoese parents who steps in…..I am not one of those parents that says “How come my kids isn’t playing?” I just let it all play out the way the coach says.  But why make promises if you refuse to keep them? My son is crying because he has been let down. I realize life lets you down…but why keep doing it? This coach should be a positive influence on these young lives..instead I fear my kid will dislike him….and not respect him becuse he made these choices. I am still not going to step in…because the last thing he needs is his mom “rescuing him” But Rob and I did talk to him about just continueing to do his best despite the circumstances. That’s all you can do. We used Time Tebow as a role model. God placed Cole in this position…he needs to rise above and just do his best.  It’s the last year and then he gets to play in Highschool and leave this coach behind. He mentioned that himself and … I know he is just suffering through this season. But can I just say how my heart tears apart because I don’t have any control over another adult in my chilld’s life letting him down? It makes the mama bear want to come out and protect her cub…..but I can’t. Darn.

Other than that I pieced a tablerunner today..YAY! I had everything cut out for it…it’s been sitting on the cutting I am going to finish it tonight..YAHOO! It feels good to finish something. I have been doing alot of that lately……little projects anyway.

Well I hope you all have a blessed night!






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