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I am pretty much OOTO (out of the office) …..YAHOO!

Carla came into town last night……Her Rob and Jeri went to a movie. Dark Knight of course.  I am not really into dark movies..or action packed movies that much ( I will once in awhile…especially if I know they are clean)…so I went to my quilt group meeting.

I have to say that we all need to pray for those people and families that have injured or lost ones because of the shooting in Colorado.I have to say that I am getting sad deep inside that someone can’t go do something as mundane and going to work, school or enjoyable like a movie without that thought creeping into our heads that this could be the last day we live because some psycho wants to make a name for himself by hurting innocent people. I am only human….judging him is so easy. I will pray for him because that is what I am called to do…..but I don’t really want to…….I want him to suffer and realize the damage he has caused. Not just to the people in that theater, but to all of us. How will we all associate “The Dark Knight” now?  It could happen to any of us at anytime….all of our freedoms are going to be taken from us. Are we going to have to go through 20 security checks before entering a movie theatre? At what cost? No more spontaneous movies…no more 12$ tickets…we will be spending 20$ to pay for all the technology and security guards. Is this really the legacy he wants to leave? All of our freedoms are being taken away from us because of these guys. Slowly but Surely. We send our troops out to protect our freedom…yet our own is taking it from us. It’s insane.   So please pray for him, the people involved and our freedoms. Getting off soap box now.


I got an offer for the quilt 175$



Virginia also gave me a donation. A little quilt duo of hers..that has been published in TWO magazines…she gave me the original samples…and the latest magazine..she signers her samples too!  So I will be listing that…yahoo!

Today we are going to take the girls school clothes shopping. School starts in a month. But Jeri has to have senior pictures taken …so she should have some nicer clothes for that …….I can’t believe I have a senior.  How did that happen?

A whole weekend without quilting? I don’t think so.  Hard to fathom if I am home. So I will try to squeak out a couple…when I can.

I am also looking for great apricot recipes….Chruch is having an apricot dish contest tomorrow. Any ideas?





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  1. Deb in Japan July 21, 2012 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    Pictures! We want pictures! :)

    Sweet! I love that you have so many friends supporting your mission!

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