This weekend

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I was MANIC.

You know what happens when you get crazy INSPIRED? Yeah that was me.

I got a wild hair for a project to submit to Moda….and I worked feverishly to complete it…it’s all finished just needs binding….but I submitted it anyway because well…you just need to get it appoved and then you have to make it again in current lines of fabric…so I think( I could be wrong) that they just need a visual of what teh project will look like…SO we shall see.

Of course that was after our car being engulfed in flames, purchasing a new one, finishing “Oh Deer” and quilting some Customer quilts…..sleep? What is sleep? Who needs that?

See I am manic.

Today I am taking a rest cause I am getting my hair done. :) Much needed by teh way…I can’t be manic with bad hair.

Yesterday’s sermon was really good. It was perfect for what I have been going through lately. SO I think I will share that later.

We also had a church BBQ last night. It was a great turn out. I will miss the BBQ’s until Spring we have one every month and I just honestly love those people…I never want them to end because we all just have such a great time. I have some photos to take of finished quilts…adn I have a couple more I need to finish up today.

Preston is sick today……Clarissa actually let me fix her hair.

Jeri is going to HOmecoming next weekend with her “friend” Jesse. He is a boy from Church…he’s 20 years old. His parent and I have been watching them VERY closely and trying to drive the wedge in….He is a good boy…but a little older than I would like.   I am pretty sure he is a “safe” boy… far as all of that goes. So I would rather her go with him than a 17 year old from her school who isn’t. So we will just see how this all goes. At least I will be home.

Carl keeps growing…I think he has a growth spurt everyday…last week I just grabbed him in a big hug. I just can’t help it. He has aspberger’s so grabbing him out of the blue is kind of difficult for him…LOL But he lets me get away with it.  The oterh cute thing that happened last night. I didn’t have time to make anything really special last night. So I made queso and brought several pies from the frozen section. One of them was Key lime. Carl LOVES cheesecake…so he thought it was cheesecake..kind of looks like it….when you don’t know. Well he came to me and said the cheesecake was bad…it had a weird flavor. LOL I said  oh that’ cause it’s keylime. He didn’t have a problem eating it after that…it was just not cheesecake that he was expecting. Isn’t that funny how we do that?

Cole and Bryce are just hanging in…..

Bryce doesn’t want to take anyone to homecoming because it costs to much money. LOL That’s my kid…….actually he is his father’s child.

Cole is getting through football.

Rob has a weird schedule this week….So he is working some night shifts a day shifts. That is rough on all of us. Harvest will be over soon….so we don’t have that much time left.

Well I hope you all have a great day!





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