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WOW! Things have been crazy this week. Just as soon as I think I have gotten over the hump …something else happens. I am not even kidding. Wednesday Rob had his surgery. It was planned to be a “dainty” surgery and that he should going home around 4.So I just treated it like any other surgery or doctor appointment he has had..Clarissa and I went shopping…and we took Jesse to lunch. He goes to school in Wenatchee. Craft Warehouse was having a great clearance sale…bolts of fabric were 3-5$ a yard. I bought lots!  I was unsure what my end total would be ( it was less than 200$ for several quilt backings in name brand fabric)…so I thought..Well I will use my credit card…just because I don’t even know what my account looks like right now. I haven’t sat down to pay bills or work on my account. ( in over a week…but my husband gets paid weekly). then we went to red Robin with Jesse. That’s our favorite place in Wenatchee. I asked Clarissa if she wanted to ride back to town with Jesse..because the older kids would be home..and he could drop her off with them.  After lunch I was heading to the hospital to be with Rob. So in other words..our fun was going to stop …..and it would be just sitting and waiting. She said “no’..she wanted to stay. Making sure her daddy was ok..was more important to her. I didn’t argue or think anything different. Within 45 minutes I got a call …Jesse was in a car accident and he had totaled the car. He is fine….but it’s a small car. I am so glad Clarissa was not in the car with him..who knows what would have happened! God protected her!

He had a bad reaction to the bad anesthesia they gave him…and he was violently ill. They gave him 4 different drugs to try and stop that to no avail. They were going to keep him over-night. He threw a fit and they let me take him home…The good news is he made it through the night..and he is doing well now. PRAISE GOD!  I was also so darn proud of Clarissa….she sat there all 4-5 hours and just did the same thing I did. Waited for any moment to jump up and help her dad. There wasn’t any fidgeting, whining or pacing. She was calm and collected. In fact she was probably better than me because I had a phone to distract me (that has FB). Plenty of nurses offered her candy, juice, cookies and a chance to watch movies….nope. She was content to stay by Rob’s side. I found out through FB that another couple at church were in I asked them to take her home in case he had to stay the night.  That was a perfect plan…but it didn’t matter because we left about 30 minutes after them.

Yesterday while on his pain meds…he even made it to date night at the church …for Valentines day. I am not sure that was the best idea ( I tried to talk him into staying home), But he likes going to church and hanging out….and it’s Valentines so he wanted to be with me. AWE! How sweet.  We had a meeting at church yesterday as well for a few of us..who are on a nominating committee for a new board. I new I would be attacked because it’s important..lots of prayer and obedience involved.

Rob and I are also dealing with a personal matter that involves heavy stuff that has been brought up from our past….and decisions to make that will affect one of our children. It’s difficult stuff that makes your stomach churn and your heart ache. But I can’t put it off …probably the sooner we deal with it the better it will be to let it go and keep it from looming…but it is really heavy for me.  Yucky stuff!

Yesterday I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve in my neck/shoulder. I think it’s the stress of everything. It’s far worse today….I feel so much like fighting the devil right now! I am so sick of these attacks! He is trying to keep me from counting my blessings!

But Wednesday my Pastor went to 4 parent-teacher conferences for me and Rob since we couldn’t go, A friend made dinner for my kids while we were gone, Victoria saved me a trip to drop off my sewing machine in Moses Lake because she works there, my Husband made it through fine…and hopefully feels better in a couple days.  My kids are healthy ..most of them are doing well in school. This village that surrounds me is more than willing to step in when I need help….God is at the center of that! I am so thankful to have all of this! The prayers are most important! My friend Sally messaged last night…said her and her DH lifted up Rob in their healing service..I know MANY people are praying for us…and that just provides so much comfort to me. Knowing far and near people care…and care enough to pray!

So another blessing yesterday was a package. A package of presents! T is always so sweet to me..I always feel neglectful of her because she sends me all these presents when she sends me a package… and I can barely sign a card…I am always lucky to get anything done by the skin of my teeth ..or I wait til the last minute. Yeah, I have turned into one of those. anyway..T made me this quilt top’s a Bunny Hill.It’s an old pattern that she doesn’t sell anymore…..but oh so pretty and dainty.  I sent T the fabrics ( all from my stash) ..I contemplated buying fabrics…but thought…no. Stick to your stash…I know you have enough options. I worked it out.   I can’t wait to quilt it and make the hearts pop out and the birds sing…and take flight!IMG_4265 IMG_4266 IMG_4267 IMG_4268 IMG_4269 IMG_4270 IMG_4271 IMG_4272 IMG_4273 IMG_4274

The rest is just Presents! Pink glitter spray..cause she knows how I love the glitter!IMG_4264 Yummy! Snowed in Candle…because that’s my favorite scene.IMG_4263…and a mug that Speaks for itself..and makes me chuckle! As soon as Preston saw that last night..he said “you are going to put that on FB aren’t you?” Yes…Yes I am! LOL Thanks T for being such a blessing to me! Thanks for thinking of me and praying for me…You are special! IMG_4262


I also had lunch with Cindi yesterday…then stopped by the shop. I found a little gift for me from my Secret sis! YAY! IMG_4279 IMG_4278 IMG_4277


It contained a flower pot, a mega size bag of skittles ( which I love) and a cute little kit that is hard to see…and a nice card! What a great Valentines!



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