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HI friends,


Well I have had a rough week..I get home from the show ..and its run,run & run. We had back to school supply shopping. Cleaning out the house and organizing for returning routines and church yard sale. Then I had a dr. appt to get all my immunizations in place for Haiti. I really think getting those wiped me out. I had to take a nap shortly after I got all of my immunizations and that is un-like me. I had been in a cloud for a couple days. Then we had to make the long drive to the funeral and come back home. I was sad….more worried about Rob..but I think he shut himself off…so he could get through it all.  Grandma Shirley was a beautiful woman and she touched many. Now she gets to live with her creator which should really be a celebration…but it’s hard when you love someone.

Clarissa had never been to a funeral…so she was full of questions every step of the way. Sometimes that has been annoying to me lately..but it was a welcome distraction for many during this time.

The kids started back to school Thursday but missed Friday due to funeral…so hopefully we can get back into the swing of things by the end of next week.

The good news about the yard sale is that now my friend, fellow church member, Vicki now has all of her funds for the Haiti mission.Pretty exciting! She was the biggest doubter whetehr or not we could pull it off..and now she is relieved and overwhelmed by how it all came together.  Today is the day that I will have the church pull the name for the raffle quilt….during morning announcements! YAY! So I will announce it here and also contact the winner.  Most of the tickets were bought by my readers..and about a quarter of them were bought by church members…so we shall see. It only takes 1 ticket to win!

I also found out that there is a rumor going on on QB that I have little worker bees quilting for me…that it got out that Brianna is quilting for me ….and she has for a year now. This isn’t a surpirse? She has been listed under my “staff” button for a year now. But we tell customers when she quilts for them..and I post it publically who quilted what. I also have people asking for her to quilt….so I don’t know how this is a big scandal or anything?   I heard that “it got out at a show” ummmm….it got out is funny because…we just tell everyone? Because there is no secret. So the rumor mill gets started and you just never know how it will end up.  Oh well.

My housekeeper Donna is doing a great job! I really have to say that working extra to pay her is worth every penny. Honestly. She cleans things i never thought of…LOL and she is doing a great job. I just feel so relieved to come home from a long trip and not have to dive right into cleaning cause my cleaning fairy did it while we were gone. But it has been a week since I actually got anything done in the studio…I had so much going on I only did a few quilts for the shop. So this next week will be focused on quilting…cause the kids will be in school and I need to get back into a routine. I am hoping the last immunization I have to take on Monday doesn’t wipe me out as well. I only have about 9 weeks left until I leave. Pretty anxious. ( i think mostly just to get it over with…I am getting more scared the closer it gets)…..My flesh is scared but my spirit is willing.

Well I hope that you all have a wonderful day. I will be back in a few hours to announce the winner! Many Blessings!





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