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So I have been crazy. My brain is firing off in 50 directions at any given moment. I have not been “myself” whatever that means anymore. I have had to make so many adjustments with my life in such a short amount of time that I am not really sure that I have had a lot of time to even figure out my new normal. So I try to spend a little time each day reading. Typically it’s the bible or some sort of bible study. I feel like it centers me….at least for the time that I am doing it. Everything gets turned off and I just spend 15-20 minutes a day reading.

This year I decided to tackle some books that I have “collected” and they just sat….waiting for the perfect time.

So one of the books I have finished and sent forward to someone else was :

So I have to confess that I love self help books. for many years I was convinced that there was something wrong with me. Like so deeply imbedded that I just needed to figure out what it was and try to fix it to the best of my ability. I don’t feel that so much anymore. Now I just know I have some patterns of behavior that I can change or process my emotions differently ect. But I do have some self worth.

So that being said I have read MANY self help books over my life and many times I read these books and there are many good reminders of things I have learned along the way. Sometimes we can get sidetracked and forget simple things.

So I will say this book doesn’t have much *new* information. She simplifies and articulates things in a different way. Which I wasn’t a real fan of….I am thinking she was appealing to millennials maybe? I don’t know. I kept having to change the terminology in my mind to suit myself. Which is just a personal preference. Even though there was a swear word in the title ( I know that was a big clue)…I didn’t realize they would be used throughout the book….and I am not a real fan of that either. Again, just a personal preference. But overall for people who haven’t been reading these types of books for 20 years and probably a part of a younger generation….this is good info.

I have also read this one:

So late one summer night I saw that Maria was selling autographed copies of this book and I bought one. I don’t agree with Maria politically ( mostly) But I like her articles and her writing is beautiful. She is Catholic and I like the way she articulates her prayers and feelings.

So I will say that I couldn’t help myself on this book. I won’t be gifting this one ( I try to forward all of my finished books to anyone who wants them rather than holding on to them….I think they need to bless others). But I am keeping this one because I think I will read through it a couple times a year. The prayers at the end of each chapter really spoke to me. I think that many things she writes about are the struggles I am feeling and I feel like I could have written most of the articles myself. It just really spoke to me.

I am also reading this book now:

This is a book written by a Christian Personal coach. So I really love this book so far. I feel like her lessons really align with my personal beliefs and truths. I won’t be passing this book forward either because at the end of each chapter you write down personal info from the lessons in the book. I really love work books so I can write down my thoughts, feelings, fears, and things I am learning.

So while doing all of this, I am also very aware of not only my struggles but also keeping track of my blessings or gratitude. Each day before I get out of bed I try to Thank God for letting me wake up another day. I thank him when I am falling asleep and giving him all of my worries and fears..ect. But There is something so great about writing it all down and being fully aware of putting it all out into the universe. So I am using this:

I have not only been writing down my gratitudes. But I have been writing down my goals, hopes and dreams. If you put it out there and work towards it I believe it will happen.

So next on my list are 2 books by Rachel Hollis. So I will share my thoughts on that. Let me know if you have any favorite books that have really helped you in your journey. I would love to know about them.

Today we hiked up Beezley for the first time this year. Beezley is our local hill and it is no easy hike ..especially when you have had an sedentary winter. I will admit that I have not been getting out as much. I have gained a bit of weight. Which will be coming off in the next few months with Kayaking and hiking. We had a terrible winter so I wasn’t out as much. I have been having hip trouble so I think my jogging days are numbered. Which honestly is a struggle for me. I will never be a gym rat. I don’t like the gym. I really like being outside. I love the fresh air…the quiet…the freedom….I am not really sure how to explain it other than that. I feel so much better when I get out there and exercise. It’s exercise for my whole person. Mind-Body-soul. So I am more inclined to do those things rather than go to a gym and work on some machines. So today is the start of a new season for me and I will be tackling the trails and getting back into that routine of my life. I think for the last 6 months I have been swirling in my head ….trying to figure things out and figure out my new path. Today , At least, I feel renewed. I feel like God is leading me in some direction. I am feeling like some things are falling into place and it’s going to work out. I am getting some peace. I have really needed that.

So here’s to a start of a new season, a new week and hopefully many new great things! I hope you all have an awesome week!



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  1. Patricia Arbuckel April 8, 2019 at 5:34 am

    Hello My Dear, Your peace will come.. you are on my pray list
    I love how you look at things from all sides .. you are creative
    loving and just a great woman
    love Pat

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