These are the days…..

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I am like in HOG heaven. My friend Penny who has so many health issues..a single mom with 6 kids herself….is quite the gal. She likes to do “service” for others. She will do anything for me..she is so sweet! I TRY to help her when she will let me…she likes to help everyone but doesn’t like anyone to help her. But she has opened up a bit and let me step in….which I always feel like is never a big deal…but anyhow.

I was making fun of my mom skills last week when the kids had to eat leftovers like everyday…because time escapes me and I would be making a mad dash through the kitchen to prepare edible food. I had to give back my “Best MOM” sash last week. ( this is because I usually meal plan and I didn’t last week)

This week she offered to bring me meals. She knows how bogged down I get with work and responsibility… she is bringing full-meals everyday. Salad, rolls, main dish and dessert. Every day. I know…this is such a blessing to a mom right? I mean I am not sick..I am not suffering yet everyday a hot meal is delivered..WOW! That is so nice. We (my family) have also decided that all of our LDS friends are like the BEST bakers on earth…LOL!  We have several LDS friends in our community and when they bring treats we have a saying that they are “front door treats”……because we shut the door and eat them in our entry way…they don’t even make it to the kitchen.  hehe.

This week has been no exception…I make the kids wait till they eat their supper…but they LOVE the treats for dessert it’s always something new, creative and yummy! You know what else i have realized…is that we eat alot of the same things..I have my “go-to” meals. This week we have had some variety which has been a really welcome thing. So I asked Penny if we could just rotate weeks. One week I provide meals for her family…the next week she does that for mine…cause it’s nice to have a break..and it’s not a big deal to double your recipes and make meals for someone else..we only live a few blocks from one another….so it’s not a big deal to deliver. The variety is an added blessing.This is a great plan.

So we are on that plan…except of course next week I will be the family will be eating lots of hamburger helper and frozen lasagnas. So the next week I w ill be up on deck. It will be hard to match Penny’s treats…but that’s ok. :)

Other than that I have been meeting my work goal everyday….except today. I have hit a wall..I did get some stuff done…but not as much as I wanted. That’s OK. I think we all need a rest sometimes.

Beth came over we had a great morning of work…..and then I took her to lunch…I have to keep her happy especially with this next scalloped border she will have to bind next week while I am gone. LOL…anything to keep her happy.

I also have a new embroidery project that I got all prepared and ready to take with me during my travels. I will be so excited to bring home some finished projects to put in a quilt and have a little reminder of my trip.

I am getting excited I have my lists..packing lists, supply lists ect. It’s only a few weeks away.

Well I should go get some more work done. I hope you all have a wonderful night!






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