The Weekend

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Well I had a pretty packed weekend. Friday night was Bryce’s last basketball game.

If I am honest with myself and everyone..I have to admit that I don’t make it to many games that my kids play or performances. I go to all of Clarissa’s and not anyone else’s. Not because i favor her…but because she gets short changed one everything. This may seem immature and what not…but I have resented the activities. I had tried so hard to balance everything in my boys lives (especially) and  Their dads ( both my ex and current) have put to much importance on sports and not on character development , artistic gifts and God. I was in this war all the time. I have boys that aren’t in sport mind boy in soul…but must be because they want their father approval. I also would take something away as a discipline..and even to undermine me..they would get that sport or activity back….just because a Dad wants them to have it back. I could see this crash that was going to happen…and it happened a few summers back. Bryce had lost all respect for me..because nothing I said mattered..he would get what he wanted because the dads would make it happen for him. Bryce and I had a really bad summer..and the Men in our lives realized that they had helped to cause this and they immediately stepped up to the plate and helped back me up and hold Bryce accountable for his action. I am happy to report that 2 years later…things are exceptionally better.

Bryce didn’t make the team in the beginning of the season…for one thing he was not on the team last year..which makes a big difference.  He also didn’t make the first day of try-outs. Rob and I were both out of town. Anyway..he decided to keep going to practice…and try to work his way on the team and show he is worthy. I have been telling him he needs to set goals and work for them. Whether or not he succeeds or fails…it doesn’t matter…life is all about failures..we pick ourselves up and we continue on with the lesson. He did it..he followed through he made the team..he was also on first string. Half way through the season they let him on.  I went to the last game of the season. I could just feel in my heart that he was playing really hard because not only was I there but both of his Dads. His bio-dad had driven 2 hours to watch him play. He scored alot..he worked really hard..and I had some teary moments just because I know how he got the success he desired. I was happy to see the follow through and the success.  Not only that he hasn’t been fighting with us..and he has a better GPA so far than last year. I can’t ask for more than that! I had to rush out because it was Movie night at church..and that is our ministry…I so wanted to give him a hug and tell him how proud I was…but the coach wanted to give them their final talk and what not….but I had that little blessing because his brother forgot something and they had to follow us to the church..Bryce ran into the church and gave me a big long hug! AWE! That makes a heart sing.

Then Saturday we had a church conference…it was a 7 hour event…and it was really AWESOME! It was all about discipleship and how to work with other Christians. I gave a summary at church on Sunday morning. I am sure I will be sharing more on that because it is so deeply embedded…and I took lots of notes. It’s really about follow through and putting action into your words…it was just a way in which to fill me up!  Sunday we went to church and then had a long lunch with our friends…it was so nice to connect and have a few laughs and fun.

This is such a busy time for me…I have tried to write this blog post several times. I have not gotten much sewing time in …Well I did..just not quilting time. I made party favors tonight with Victoria….We are having a Valentines event at church and we made fabric Fortune cookies as places cards for the event….A cute little give-away with a scripture. Rob has his surgery tomorrow. Bryce has his first girl ate on Friday. Clarissa caught a flu bug today….

I have been having divine appointments all this week and last. It’s rewarding and special.

Monday night was my ladies bible study..we studied Gomer and Hosea. It’s a complicated love story that really sheds light on how we treat God in our own lives.

SO I must get a few quilts done sometime this week…just so I don’t feel overwhelmed….  But I am thankfully…not feeling pressure from anyone. That’s a blessing. Thank you all!

I would just love to ask for Prayers for my DH….I know its a small surgery…but they do have to put him under and all surgeries are a risk. I just pray its as easy as they say it and he heals quickly. I thank all of you!




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  1. Lavonne Gribben February 13, 2013 at 9:22 pm - Reply

    Will keep your hubby in my prayers. Our daughter has a cyst the size of a cantaloupe in her abdomen that they are removing Friday. It is pushing on her transplanted kidney (they put the kidney and pancrease in abdomen at transplant) and other organs.

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