The Other Part of theTrade……

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Well Mary had listed a few quilt tops for sale ..and I was interested in this one…The fabrics are by Heather Mulder Peterson. I love her lines of fabrics but my LQS doesn’t carry them. So I have to buy big deal. I believe I own yardage of this line in my stash as well…So Mary and I made a trade..I would quilt a quilt for her…in exchange for this quilt top ( also binding..very nice)

This is the quilt that I quilted for her…months ago. I have so many tops of my own that need to be quilted..I have been quilting quite a few these last few months..Poor Beth is buried in quilts..she does all my binding. But for the most part i am never in a hurry or I am pretty sure she would quit on me… I just have to keep her going with Iced vanilla coffees and whatever else she needs..LOL Keep her VERY happy. I hate binding. so I am pretty sure if she didn’t bind them they would sit for another ten years unfinished.

So this quilt I was originally planning on doing some ruler work to give the cream diamonds some dimension…but after I got it on the frame..I just couldn’t. Not that I don’t love ruler work….I think that I forget that I have so many quilts come through my studio ….so I am always trying to “up” my game. But in my own personal collection I have hardly any with my own personal style….Why? Why because we give them away..right?.and if this were to come in from somebody else, I would want to quilt it this way. I did put different designs in each center..and I kind of played with curved cross hatching a little bit just to practice. I wanted to make the colored diamonds a bit different than the white each one was treated separately. The leaf border is a favorite of mine…and I thought about adding some swirlies and what not around it and changed my mind…..I wanted the roses in the final border to stand out..So I quilted the yellow and just outlined the lines in the roses.

There are many imperfections because I knew it was mine…and I didn’t go back and rip out mistakes…plus I was trying to find my groove a few times because that elongated shape is not a “Normal” shape I deal with so getting my muscle memory on some of the blocks took a bit of time….It’s funny when you are quilting you think you are going to remember where every flaw is…once you get it off the frame they are hard to find…( most of the time.)


So this quilt is actually going to go on my bed until my Amy Butler quilt is done. It looks so pretty in there…I will hardly be able to wait for Beth to finish binding it.

I used a layer of Bamboo batting and also a layer of hobbs polydown. It gives it the poof in all the right places…and it’s really soft. I like bamboo for that reason.


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  1. Karin February 21, 2012 at 10:12 pm - Reply

    Just as pretty on the back as the front! Makes you wonder why you spent all that time piecing, when you could just do a whoosh, a swirl and some leaves, and voila! Beautiful!

  2. Teresa S. Lowery February 22, 2012 at 6:21 am - Reply

    Another winner…I too love the fabric.

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