The Little Mermaid

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Debra lives a few hours from me ..but found me through the QB…so I have been quiltong for her now for about 6-7 months? She is great to work with and a fabulous piecer.

She sent me this little quilt ..she is going to put it on the back of a jacket for her dear friend. I thought it was so pretty…and I asked if I could quilt it with metallic thread…she thought¬† that may be pretty because she is going to embellish it further when she gets it back tomorrow.¬† She just asked me to make it look like water and bubbles….It’s so sparkly and beautiful!

You can see where it was folded..sorry. I finished it yesterday adn it has been sitting folded since…




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  1. Karin February 16, 2012 at 10:54 pm - Reply

    What a lucky friend!

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