The House with the Red Door

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This is my door before.

This shows part of the two tone trim..and my DH making good on my Mother’s day gift…YAY!

I remember seeing those big beautiful houses with red doors in picturesque books, fairy tales and movies. (when I was younger)…..of course they had beautifully manicured gardens and probably much bigger houses…lol. Usually those were at holiday time as well..with the green wreaths hanging on the door. Am I right?

Well I have always wanted that red door.  When we bought our house…we had one income ( to count). We hadn’t had the housing boom yet..with 1000 new houses built in town. We had 5 kids and one due in a month…we had 2 houses to choose from that would accomodate our family ( That I was willing to accept). I didn’t want to live in the country with a  maufactured home. I knew that living in the country would be way more work than I could handle. Plus I live in a small town already..and I feel/felt like that is already the country ( or a foreign country) for me anyway. LOL

So when we chose this house it was because it had 5 rooms….and a garage..not that much square footage…but we knew we could make it work. It needed some work. The trim was painted a rust color with cream…and it had a blue/purple door. (hideous!). It also had a light gray carpet all through out the upstairs. That lasted all of 6 months..we had to rip it out…with 6 little kids running around and dogs? Yeah. No .   the purple door and rust colored trim which I had hated & lasted longer than I wanted it too…because I had other things more pressing. So slowly but surely we keep working on things…cosmetically. NO major re-hauling.

Then after living here a few years I did paint the door and added shutters to the front of the house to give it some more appeal. The kids kept breaking our windows…they were the original windows in the house so we hired Sears to come in and replace the windows..they are pretty spendy. But I have to say they give you a lifetime it was well worth it. If my kids break a window they come and replace it for free. YAH! Totally worth it. Also when they put in the new windows they frame them in with aluminum siding. I certainly wasn’t going to keep the rust I had to choose a color I did want. I thought that would help us get in gear to pain the trim. Nope. we have had a two color trim for to many years to count…in fact the windows are paid off….and our trim is still two tone. UGH! So I begged for my Mother’s day gift to be that they paint the trim.   So this last weekend they finally started….They got the front of the house finished..and i did indeed paint our front door red…I need to go straighten everything and re arrange my flower pots…but it is starting to come around. I love it! My kids aren’t all that fond of it, I think? But it pleases me. I can tell you just because I have the pictureesque red door..there is no fairy tale life…lol. But that is to be expected.This hangs near my door…because I just think we all need a reminder…to Give thanks.     you can see my over grown honeysuckle….the other half died during the harsh winter….but you can also see my red door. YAY! and it matches my barn quilt so well. That is the window to my studio….can you see how it used to be a perfect garage? right next to the front door? but my husband sided it all in and made it look like the house.

So that is what was going on last weekend…painting. fun times. LOL

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  1. Kris P July 4, 2012 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    Charisma, Your red door ROCKS! I love it, and it will grow on your family.

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