The first Day of December 2012

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How is this possible? Do I say this every month?

My time it just disappears. It’s like you trudge through certain parts of your life and then other parts just vanish and before you know it it’s half over? How?

(ugh! My typing skills…that last post I didn’t hit spell check before posting so I had to go back and do that…it was pretty bad….so sorry to those of you who get it sent to you automatically)

Last night was Pizza/Game night at church. we are all getting to know eachother really well. Just play a few games of “apples to apples” and ALL the secrets come out. HEHE> It was fun! I am so glad God planted us there.

Tonight we all going to J2B. I will share lots about that tomorrow.

Carla is here visiting..we spent quality time chatting and gaming..LOL.

Thursday night was missionary night at church…We had the Sidle’s from Zambia, Africa. Their testimony is AMAZING. They have been there for ten years.

So much in fact that I spoke with the missionaries about sending a team of youth this next summer. The wheels started turning. OF course.

Yesterday I went to the high school and gave my testimony from Haiti.

Is it divine appointments.  I mentioned that I wanted to get a group of teens together to go to Haiti. The Christian program at the school is non-denominational. The kids have actually requested a mission trip because they all want to go together. I would totally open that up to them. So we talked about having a fundraising circuit among all of the churches involved to expand the pot and help these kids on this journey. I am so excited. So It’s my job to get this organized..figure out all the details and get this planned. I am not sure that I will be going. I asked Landon and his wife to maybe consider going with all of the kids…..because it would be good for all of them. as much as I would want to be there to experience this with all of my kids…I also know how I am and I would be burdened to much with what they “should” get out of it. I know how I am and I will be stressed. If I send someone I trust to guard our kids with his life…and not be so “hardcore” then it may be easier for them to relax and take it all in.  Not to mention I think it could be a life changing event for all involved…The other half of our parenting system is not saved.

So I would just like to ask for prayers on that whole project. I will be listing quilts and things to sell on the site again to help with this adventure. Probably some raffles and what not. But we will also be gearing up for car washes, and bake sales…big time!

The kids that heard my story yesterday about Haiti were touched..adn went up to Jeri to tell her how “Cool” her mom was…..I guess sometimes it is “Cool” to be a Christian! I think so! Like Totally!



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