The End of Mother’s Day

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Well yesterday…..I wrote my entry….I spoke with my brothers, my aunt and of coure my Grandma. My Grandma actually called me before church. then she finally told me she had to have angioplasty ..on friday, her birthday. I am out of town…and my aunt who has always taken care of married and moved to Florida. So she is on her own….and I am in quilt market. She is going to see if she can re-schedule. Otherwise I woudl willingly cancel my trip. She waited until the last minute because she was worried about me? LOL {that’s a nervou LOL} Why? She should be worried about herself….I think she thinks I am so fragile or something she is afraid of what I will do if something happens to her?  I didn’t freak out or anything…so I don’t know why she thinks that? It’s just that I love her so much..I can’t imagine her gone….and I don’t even want to think about it…when she brings it up..I shut her out. Denial is my friend in those moments.

So anyhow..I am not canceling the trip…If her procedure is on Friday..Rob will drive the two hours into Spokane and take care of her..then drive the two hours back home. Isn’t he sweet? He doesn’t want me to cancel…and he is willing to go out of his comfort zone to help me. That’s Love.

So Rob went to pick up the boys from Landon yesterday…hey came home..and I didn’t have any plans. There were some missionaires from Ireland coming to the church…for dinner and a presentation. They have only been in Ireland 10 months { they are originally from our area}…and told about their journey to be in Ireland..and the battle they are facing in Ireland. Very inspiring.  It makes me want to become a long term missionary….but it’s not the right time. I have to many kids…{at home still} with a blended family { you have to have permission from to many parents}.

But it really was the perfect ending to Mother’s day..having dinner with our church family..we shared many laughs…it really was a good {light} time…just what you need…wholesome good family fun. We got to make fun of Rob because he was playing football with the kids { it’s been awhile since he has been able to do that because of his back}…and he wrangled himself a few times..which is quite hilarious …only cause he is always bragging about how he is fast like a ninja…..a he has mad skilz. Clearly he needs to fine tune those a bit more? He went to a chiropractor on Friday..that man worked magic on Rob and he has felt 10 times better..he goes again tomorrow. He is also getting a athletic Club memebership he can go work out with a few men from the that will be good for him. He has been needing to work out..and some guy friends….perfect!

I have Dj Class today….and I need to tie up loose ends…meal plan for my family and get packed. Not to mention finish up some quilts…take pics & post what I do have done.

I hope you all have a wonderful MOnday!


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