The Bench

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Mother’s day Cole made me a gift….but I didn’t get it until this week. They had an art show  for the school district….senior artists can earn scholarships for school.IMG_5283

So Cole entered this garden bench in the show before he could give it to me. I think it’s beautiful and beyond any wood working school i thought my kids had…I was pretty blown away. LOL (I sound like such a bad mom….but to think my 14 year old son made this from plain wood….is really great!) IMG_5282 IMG_5281 IMG_5280

I have no clue how to build anything, I am not mechanically inclined ( like at all…zero, nothing) …so I know he got none of this gene from me. IMG_5287

So we brought it home and there is a spot in my yard that is  bare (not decorated with flowers)…so I stuck it there until I figure out where it’s actually going to reside.  When i put it there Clarissa just arrived home…so I offered to take her picture. She is officially ten years old. We don’t do school pictures. They cost so much money and they never turn out well….so I would rather take my own. Clarissa didn’t get a birthday party this year. I had warned her if she had continued with her bad behavior I would take it away….she I have to follow through. It’s always hard to do that…but if I put it on the table it has to stay there. She felt the sting. But she still got her birthday money to spend at Wal-Mart.IMG_5286

Clarissa at 10:

~struggles with math

~ social butterfly

~loves cooking ( this has been true at all ages)


~ she hates injustice

~she asks a million questions everyday….( I feel like that anyway) I thought we were passed that stage?

~ She is still an animal lover…She gets to take ownership over our cat Princess since Jeri is leaving home. ( this is still a bone of contention between the girls)

~Stubborn….and opinionated ( I have no idea where she gets that from)

~ She loves Jesus.

~She loves picking flowers ( even in people gardens…we have to beg her not to do it)

~ she loves riding her bike

Cole then sat next to her..since he made this special bench and all…he couldn’t pass by the chance to take pride in his work….so we documented it.    IMG_5290 IMG_5289


Aren’t they cute?IMG_5288

Cole is 14 ( going to be 15 in July) and looks like his father ( spitting image except his coloring takes after my side). However he has lots of my qualities and characteristics.  He needs affirmations all of the time…he is a people pleaser and he needs success. he is really hard on himself. He has to cry to release his emotions…even when it’s not cool to cry. He is not as stubborn as his brothers and sister. He doesn’t yet know exactly where his place in the world is…but I think he will find it sooner than the others.  He’s pretty grounded. ( i think) but he likes to talk about himself a lot and inflate himself….which makes us all knock him down a few notches….but I honestly think that’s a cover up for how he truly feels for himself.

This is a slice of my life …I love these kidlets!


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  1. Teresa June 2, 2013 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    Awesome job on the bench Cole. Clarissa if gonna be grown before you know it. Although with all those brothers she wont stand a chance…lol.
    Love your quilt …beautiful as always. Hope everyone is doing well. Love ya T

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