Tabby Road

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Tabby road is a line of fabrics by Tula Pink. I am a huge TP fan…and I have been collecting her fabric since the beginning.

This was a free pattern she offered with this line of fabric. Tabby road features cats. I love cats….probably not as much as dogs. I am allergic to cats. LOL I can’t pet them ect without having  reaction….but I can cohabitate as long as I don’t pet them and hold them ect. However, I still pet and love on my cat…I just have to take allergy meds in order to deal with the side effects.  Some things are worth it.

Anyway, I usually buy a ton of yardage of Tula fabrics and store them for future projects ect. Well who would have known that in this universe that would have paid off? Because Tula has become a wicked popular designer and the new comers to quilting pay big bucks for her out-of-print (OOP)fabrics. I have been selling some of my stash for 200$ a yard. it’s crazy. They are mostly “collectors” who just want to have this or that line and they are building whole collections. Which is kind of funny. For those that don’t know Fabrics are usually only printed once and once it’s done, it’s done. In the last few years some are being re-printed if it’s possible….but mostly it’s one and done.

I have started trying to buy  kits or picking a pattern that I like and buying enough for the pattern instead of just hoarding yards of fabrics. Most of the time it doesn’t pay off to hoard fabric.  So this was a result of that. I just bought a kit to make this quilt.

It was very fast and easy to put together. I had a template made and just cut around it. I used 2 layers of batting to quilt it….and I really like the way it finished up.

So I actually feel good that I used some of my coveted Stash. I have issues with that. Now that I have been organizing and figuring out all that I have I really feel like I need to start using this stuff.

Thanks so much for following along. I hope you all have a great Sunday!


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