Sweetwater Sunkissed

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Today I accomplished so much….but not in the usual way I feel accomplished. I only quilted a couple quilts…..for the shop..quick all over type designs. I finished piecing my Sweetwater quilt.  I visited with Penny…which is always nice..I also had breakfast with the quilty girls. Fun!

I bought 7 blocks from a quilter’s yard sale last October..7 blocks..for 2$ …Why? So I could spent another 30$ to make a quilt that measures 82×82….LOL That doesn’t make any sense? I love the gray and pink color combo…there is also green, white and gold.  some fun! It should actually be called “Sunkist” Like the soda..How I love orange soda!

I don’t know what the name of the blocks are or the pattern….I just copied the blocks from the original ones I bought…and I know you can arrange then to form a specific pattern…cause I played with them quite alot to figure out what I wanted…..and I just opted to make them random…because that seemed more interesting to me. I didn’t have any preconceived notions to how it should look so I wanted to do my own thing!  I also shopped through my stash to find little bits to add to my sunkissed collection and make some things stand out. Then in the middle of the night I woke up with a thought of adding a happy dresden to my quilt in a random spot….That’s my favorite part.

So I added that today…and I am going to quilt the word “Hope” In the center with colored thread.  But it would be really adorable with a monogram in the center as well. I wanted to use as much of my fabric as possible so I cut of the scraps and made a piano key border. I really tried not to buy one thing for this quilt..I even pieced the backing and used stash. ( the backing is a lot brighter than the top…but Hey! I need to use what I’ve got because I got this posted to my FB today:  Rob Made some comment that I shall not discuss on my fabric loving friendly blog……and then laugh when he gets jealous that I am snuggling with my fabric and patting it ever so slightly …instead of him! So maybe I should buy some more fabric…LOL. Tomorrow I get to work on another UFO…Choices ….Choices! Love choices ( I am a feminist after all..and it’s all about choices)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!





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