Sweet Deal Saturday

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OK So I did go to furniture store….and you will never believe it…I got such a good deal! I got 50% off I got 6 chairs a bench, dining table…and a trip to vegas….all for the price of just a table…..and it will be delivered Monday. YAhoo!

We have never had a decent dining set…I had gotten my grandma’s old set from the 60’s or 70’s ..when I first moved out..it was falling apart. Then we bought a second hand table and re-painted it a few years ago because we were selling our house and we didn’t want to buy anything until we moved…the house never sold..we are still here and we never got a new set. So now ..I splurged and got one…yahoo! I can’t wait! We really shouldn’t have spent that money..but I can’t really say I will regret having a dining set…right? So now still a strict budget. (even more so..LOL)

Anyway….I have not gotten much quilting done today..but heading straight there..after this post.

Rob is working on my studio..yahoo!

I saw a quilt on ETSY…selling for 5000$ it was pretty….but I was thinking..Gee WHIZ! I could make that quilt and sell it for 5 grand! No problem!

The pattern is a free pattern for Moda listed here:


It’s a beautiful quilt..I have actually quilted one ..it was for a local gal here and she brought it to the shop last summer. She must have bought the kit because she had all the same fabrics from the original one.  I have loved this quilt since it first came out….so I would love to make it. We shall see. IF someone offered me 5 grand..I would make two. LOL one for myself and a commission one. WOW! I just wonder how often those sales are made? Do I just live in LaLa Land?

Well I should get back to work..Have a  great day!






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