Sweet Churn and Venetian Swirls

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Angela  sent me these two quilts…….they are both pieced beautifully…and just easy to work on.

First of all this churn dash is just SWEET! I didn’t get really good photos of the pattern…they are all different sized churn dash blocks from mini to huge…and they all fit together like a huge puzzle …..her choice of fabrics is just darling. ( they are by Robyn Pandolph) …soft, sweet , charming . I fell in love. Soft quilting is really best for this as it fits the theme of the quilt….so her and I discussed a few options and we went with vines and roses……more sugar!  I am going to make this quilt. I have been collecting soft florals to make a sweet quilt like this and I think it’s perfect. But I was at my LQS this morning and looked at the new fabrics coming as the moda fabric rep was there…and 3 sisters has a reprint of “Paris Flea market” coming out again…and my local quilt shop got almost every bolt…that would also be perfect and a perfect excuse to buy more fabric? hmmm.

Back of Churn Dash quilt

I love the sweet type of quilts like this the one I made for my daughter is like that…it hangs on a quilt rack in her room….and I hoard any fabric left from that quilt because I love the fabrics so much that I want to keep what I have left….weird right?I think if I had it my way ..I would live in an old victorian house…covered in soft floral wall paper…and all these romatic type quilts covering everything. …but then I would need a wing dedicated to modern quilts and colors. It’s really hard to love so many things and see the value in all styles. But I think it helps me in my profession. :)

This second quilt is Venetian Swirls….the fabrics are vibrant blue and purples….with curls…and the perfect design to mimic in the quilting. In the border I just made squiggly lines in each squiggly strip to also copy the design in the fabric.

Thanks So MUCH Angela…it was a pleasure working with you!

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  1. Teresa S Lowery October 15, 2012 at 6:44 pm - Reply

    Both of quilts are great…love the colors of both bold and sweet….perfect best of both…and of course you know we love your quilting. Blessings T

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