Sunny Gardens

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Valerie sent me these two bright beauties! IMG_5257 IMG_5262

Don’t they just SCREAM! Summer. Summer gardens. They look like fun filled bright sunny days..which conjures up all the warm, fun, sunny days of summer. The kind where you want to tend the garden, eat an ice cream cone and bask in God’s creation. IMG_5257 IMG_5256


Yep! That’s what I think of. It’s gray and raining here today. I am also not complaining about that…trust me. Just thankful that my air conditioning is now fixed for when we get those 100 degree days. IMG_5261 IMG_5260 IMG_5259


Anyway Valerie and I decided one of these quilts would get a treatment of Charisma Curls and the other would get ferns. Organic patterns that give them each a very different look…LOVE!

Thanks V! It’s always a pleasure working with you!



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