Sunday Sermon 2/4/12

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Well today was a great sermon on prayer. Our pastor is a new pastor and I think he is laying down foundational teachings…this week is about prayer….and then we prayed. We also prayed over the man who is going to lead our new teen ministry. I don’t know the man…but from the way he was talking I take it he has been on a rough road and he has dedicated his life and following God’s path now.

I think those are the best people to lead.

I thought of this this morning. It reminded me of this:

I watched testimony of this man who had lived a homosexual lifestyle and then through the course of many things dedicated his life to Christ, got married and had two children. He said he was part of a church and he had gone through training…he and his wife were felt to lead a youth ministry through their church. He decided he would gather all of the parents and have  a meeting with them first to clear the air. Spill all of his past to them and make sure they would be ok with him leading their children because he didn’t know if he was worthy. When he told his story he said that the whole place was dead quiet…and after he finished telling his testimony there was a still silence for a minute or two and then the biggest, roughest toughtest looking man in the crowd stood up  and said something to the effect of “Young man….I think it takes great courage to stand here and tell your story to all of us and I don’t know if I would want any other man leading my children.” and he basically said he didn’t know that he would want to admit all of his sins to a group of strangers.   After that one man stood up and said that ,every one else welcomed him into their group and he became a very great leader to their youth.

It just goes to show you what LOVE can do. It also goes to show you what is beneath a rough “looking” exterior.

I am not a person who judges…..normally. But if I am to trust someone to guide and lead my children, I need to know them. The youth group intro meeting in on Wednesday night. So the kids are excited. There is about 16 teens so far..that is truly exciting! I am also kind of happy it’s a man leading my boys just becuase they need that….us women are to much of push overs. well at least I am…sometimes. LOL

So back to the prayer over this guy this morning…I only heard him talk for a minute or two and he was so humble, excited and eager to do God’s work..he feels this tremendous responsibility. I know where he is coing from. I take my “God Work” So seriously. It’s exciting, valuable and not to be taken lightly.

So this weeks lesson was on how NOT to pray. There is a right and wrong way to pray. first wrong way is to pray for selfish reasons. I am guilty of this…I think we all are. I need to remember to pray for God’s will and not my own. The more we are in prayer with God the more he is “with us” …when we are praying we are communicating with God so he is there. I also think (my own personal thinking) is that the more we are with him ..we learn how he works…..and his divine ways…so we begin to pray the correct way just by learning from our experiences. Experience has taught me that his ways are better he will answer my prayers in his time, the way he wants to.

Second mistake in Praying…..don’t pray to boost yourself up in front of others. Private prayers that others don’t know about are far better than praying a bunch of jibberish to get attention. Honestly ….that is one I am probably not guilty of..or if so not alot. I can hardly speak in front of people anyway…so praying and exposing a vulnerable part of myself is so difficult.  When I do pray in front of people it’s going to be short and sweet…straight to the point. Why? Because God already knows my request before I pray…why does he want us to pray? The same reason I want my husband to talk and share with me. We crave that campanionship. God wants us to be with him..and he wants to be with us. It’s so simple isn’t it?

Next week is going to be lessons on how we are supposed to pray….In the end I think ( especially if you are a new Christian) don’t get caught up in RIGHT and WRONG. Honestly, just talk to God. He wants to have a relationship with you….so you will learn along the way where he is leading you…he will refine you. I just talk to God…I don’t use fancy words…I don’t drone on and on I give him my requests and I talk to him like I talk to my friends….after all he  is my BEST friend. But he loves us no matter need to worry. He will lovingly correct us when the time is right.

I have picture to post and work to do…..but my house has been invaded by those might have to wait until tomorrow.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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