Sunday Sermon 07/22/2012

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Well today’s message was Great! First of all here’s what I have to say……Church is just like the world….worse probably. Church doesn’t like change. Humans like routine and security. Christians judge ….and probably more so…and worse so because we do it under the umbrella of “God”….right?

So a friend at church was talking about another older women ( supposed to be wiser)  in church…..and how every week she is subjected to her nasty comments..about her clothes.  Apparently this older gal thinks we all need to wear long skirts….or you get comments referring to prostitution or not being able to afford the other half of an outfit? This just astounds me. If someone shows up to Church BUTT naked….we need to accept them..we need to clothe them of course….but in all reality…why not just let that go if you are thinking it? We are supposed to love people and not judge them. I caught myself looking at people that come to church with Bed head…dirty -t shirts and whatever else..if they have a heart for God does it matter?I certainly wouldn’t say anything and make them feel like crap? That’s a holy place and all should feel welcome.

So I walk into church today..we were having a pot-luck for apricot dishes because we all have a bountiful harvest of them….we picked 1000’s of them this last week at the church….and we needed to use them. So I brought in three different types of dishes. I do this frequently when we have potlucks..for one reason because I have a huge family that eats alot. Another reason is because I enjoy cooking and I have picky kids who don’t eat lots of things…so I may be able to make something I can enjoy with people I love.  So this gal comes up to me ( and maybe I am just on high alert) and said “Well we firgured you were just going to bring all of this food so you could show us all up!”

What is that? I was kind of caught off guard. I should have put her in her place. I think that my motives for bringing nice dishes to the church have nothing to do with her and everything to do with my nature, my gift and enjoyment….it has nothing to do with evil motives that would hurt someone else….or shame someone else..much like her comments. But alas…I will share my frustration here..and not cause strife in the house of God…because I don’t need to defend myself…God will…and eventually God will convict her of her issues and insecurities without my help.

Then at the end of the Pastors sermon he says”If you need prayer…if you need to repent…if you are struggling please come up to the front….let us pray for you…”We won’t judge you..we love you” …clearly he doesn’t know what is going on behind the scenes..cause who wants to get up in front of her? She is going to be judging everyone? We can’t feel safe in that environment.  In my walk with Jesus…if I felt the need to go up..I would have because I know who my protector and defender is..however…we have so many new Christians in our congregation…I am not really sure we are creating that sort of comfortable …soft place to fall kind of environment….right?

The Sermon was about not being able to earn God’s love…I have shared this sermon plenty of times. We can’t feel that we are so righteous…that our deeds trump God and earn his Love. However…from our love of God comes good deeds….This is why I can’t squash my ways and conform to someone else’s insecurities. It’s about me blessing someone else..and loving the gift God gave be able to make great food..and supply great recipes.

The other thing I was thinking during the sermon…because you know..sometimes you can beat yourself up about all of the things we do wrong. How we will never measure up….especially if we are living by the law..and trying to earn our way to Heaven. But God convicts us of the things we need to work on as we are living life. I don’t stress to much about how imperfect I am and how much work I need to do…because that is overwhelming. When I conquer one bad thing about myself..there is another to take it’s place. I am not saying this in a woeful..poor is me kind of a way. I am saying this is a factual way. This is what I have learned about that.

I can’t in every way be conscious of why I am being convicted. Of a certain sin or act. I just need to do the work to change when God tells me to…because there is always a reason and purpose. It could be years down the road. Just in the same way that I can’t really prepare for my mission trip. I can earn the funds, I can get my immunizations, make my flight and travel plans. there anyway for me to prepare for what I am going to learn?…what I will come home with? No. God has been preparing my heart all along and I won’t know unless/until I take the leap of faith. I won’t know how I will impact someone else until it happens and they tell me…or show me.  Many times I don’t know why God is convicting me …or why I have to go through some of my growth pains ( life lessons) until I use that lesson for the greater good… the time I use the lesson I am so thankful I went through whatever trial I had to go through to learn. So will my mission be easy? No. Am I doing this because i am trying to earn a spot in heaven..Heck No! Am I don’t this because I feel so righteous that this is the next step in my journey? No! Simply…….I am taking a leap of Faith. I am leaping to do what God has called me to do…what he has been preparing me for….and I will be better because of it. Hopefully others will as well.

We can’t earn our way to Heaven…we can’t bring others down to secure a spot in Heaven…and by our faith comes good works..not the other way around.

last thing I want to share today..I had never heard this and thought it was good

B= Basic

I= Instructions

B= Before

L= Leaving

E= Earth

How fabulus is that?

Also found out today..Do you know how well God preserved his word? All those doubters out there? When they found the dead Sea scrolls…and started comparing today’s bible to the Dead sea scrolls..the book of Isaiah was translated word for word. How about that? How can we not say that the bible is  not proof when it is so divinely protected and inspired by God?  AMAZING!


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  1. Karin July 22, 2012 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    To the lady who judged & commented aloud: Stuff a sock in it!

    Blessings to you & yours, and let me just say, I think it’s FABulous that you share your gifts with the congregation – she should have been GRATEFUL.

    I do the exact same thing – I always bring 2-3 dishes more than “required,” mostly because *I* am the picky eater. When I bring food I know I’ll enjoy, I also know I won’t go home hungry. And if others wish to partake, well, have at it, glad I am fortunate enough to be able to provide. Now, please pass the apricot crumble.

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