Sunday…Good times and bad.

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Hi All!

Well today started out so well…I got up..finished another quilt ( I have 5 to show you cause I have been slacking on taking pics) …so I would be caught up to the gaol I had set for myself…woowoo! I ordered a big box of fried chicken for the church potluck so I didn’t have to cook. I usually love to cook but didn’t have it in me today…..We went to church…great sermon…..great food…fun time. We stayed for over 5 hours just  talking  and bonding with church members. I find it so comfortable and nice to want to stay at church rather than just get out of there and run home. nd

But I find out my oldest is trying to keep her little sister from going to youth group…she seemed to complain to lots of adults…and I just fidn that odd. We are supposed to be learning about discipleship and loving one another….but because a few are annoyed by little ones we need to segregate. I don’t think so. So we all had a little chat. she can stay home and spend social time with MOMMY if that suits her better.  Then we get home..and all the boys are trying to do their chores so they can watch football ..YAY! The smell of bleach is like heaven ( not really ..just the thought of them cleaning is). I have asked Jeri 3 times to mow teh lawn ( which she gets paid to do) and she keeps saying ya-ya…and not doing it…she is also supposed to run laundry….and well not one load today. It’s like these oldest two take turns torturing me…if it isn’t Bryce it’s Jeri. well I also have Clarissa who is only NINE!

Then my youngest daughter thinks that she owns everything in this house…and if hers is broken or not working she gets mine. Do you know how many times I have told her to quit stealing the scissors from my sewing room? To many to count…does that stop her….NO! I plugged in my cell phone cause I was at 5% …I leave it on for an hour..thinking…….thinking it was charging. I go to get it. It’s still at 5% why? Because she took the charger for the ipad…not hers. Her dads…cause he was gone and she wanted to play on it. UMmmmm she had her own charger at one point….so why does she need mine. As I am looking for her/it….I find a pair of my scissors in her room. I really wanted to become a raving lunatic…but decided I would wait until I calmed down…because her and I have had a rough week….well I actually have to say that our morning started out rough before church. Do you know how many rolls of toilet paper we go through in this house?…….A LOT! I swear I have to change the roll in the upstairs bathroom at least 3 times a day…because I go into to use the restroom and the person before me uses it all and doesn’t replace the roll….75% of the time it’s Clarissa.  So this morning I called her into the bathroom..said “Clarissa get a roll of toilet paper” She ” OKayyyyyy” and gave me the ole eye roll. Then I said ” Put it on the toilet paper holder…I just want to make sure that you know how…that you are capable..and teach you if not” then I got the “sigh” while she did it. I said “Ok now that I know you can you better start doing it” She left early for church because she didn’t want to deal with me any longer. LOL

PLease tell me I will miss these days?

I know this to shall pass..I can even see the humor in it now….but I have to say I am tired.


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