Sunday December 2 2012

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well Yesterday we had a semi-relaxing day. Carla and Rob went to Clarissa’s championship basketball game….Her team won.  YAY! I stayed behind to finish a quilt so I could be free. I didn’t want myself nagging at me.

While they were at the game Jeri went to her drivers ed class…one more drive and she is all done. She can get her license. Finally! She will be 18 in April.

Then we went to the church to meet everyone and drive to “Journey to Bethlehem”. None of us had been before. We had to drive an hour to get there. Wait in line for about 40 minutes get our tickets. Then we went to dinner…every place in Wenatchee was busy…so we ended up at Skippers ( 3rd place we tried) ate dinner and went back to the church that was putting on this production.

We waited our turn…..and I have to say it was an AWESOME! experience. This church puts on quite the show. They are organized, they have shuttle drivers to and from their facility, a good ticket system….and at the end refreshments. But the production is simply amazing! It makes Jesus’ birth come to life. It’s touching and real.

They create all of Bethlehem….When you first walk into the village…you are greeted with an intro of who you are ( family of David) you are greeted by Roman soldiers who are intimidating and rough….tall men in full costume and character. One of them circles you on a huge Horse. Then when we get in the market area we have to meet the tax collector and pay him….all the while the roman soldiers are guarding to make sure we pay. I wasn’t paying attention ….and ran right into a soldier…I really thought he was going to get me.  Then going through the market there were many different shops and people trying to “sell” you things you may need in the day. Real livestock…we visited the bakers, and the wisemen. We then enter the temple for some prophesy from the local high priest. You could smell the herbs, baking bread… everything. Everyone is in costumes..ect Then we come across a few gals selling wool….Our guides ( family) ask if any of us were blanket makers..I couldn’t help but raise my hand..hehe. So I felt the “real” wool….and negotiated a price. Through our journey we realize that in a manger just outside of town is our Savior. While heading that way we run into some bumbling shepherds….and out of no where An angel from up above ( along with a bright lights) quotes scripture confirming the birth. To be honest I know this story..I know what’s going to happen..I have read this several times…..but I shed a few tears. This whole show just made it all so real…..and special. Then we walked up the hillside to the manger and saw Jesus with his parents. While observing the special moment three young women started singing “Mary did you know” in pure beautiful voices.  Honestly I didn’t want to leave. The Story was real and beautiful.

They only run this show for 4 days once a year. I will be going next year. They refuse to accept any donations. It’s a gift. They want you to give your heart to Jesus…and if you already have donate to another church in your area. I will be sure to do that.  Although I know the story…..I know this has to touch someone who may not.

Riding in  van to and from with several church members ( 12 of us) was also quite the experience. I don’t think anyone could ever describe our group and stuffy or staunch. I will leave it at that…and my stomach hurt from all the laughter.

I Hope you all know the true meaning of Christmas. I hope it comes to life for you as well. Jesus is alive and well today! He lives within us!


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  1. Judy December 2, 2012 at 9:04 pm - Reply

    Has your quilting business gotten slow? I haven’t seen any quilting related posts lately.


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