Summer Sunday Small Talk 2020

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HI All,

How are we? Like how are we really?

I feel like I am still on a RONA  roller coaster….I seem to be handling it better than I did a few months ago. Probably because I can meet with my guild ( it’s small so we are legal), I can have breakfast with my friends once a week, outside and have some sense of normalcy.  But with each new day comes new rules. It’s difficult to keep up. It’s difficult to digest and it’s taking a toll.

But none of it is in my control. So what can I do? I can focus on the things that I can control.

Sewing, quilting, house stuff, cooking, (that is not under control), taking the dogs for a walk.

Evaluating our situation and checking to see where we can make some positive changes.

So one of those things has been our budget. When you can’t go anywhere or do anything, you save money. simple. So I have been dumping my money on debt. I decided to take on debt for my business because I was going to work the show circuit this year. I bought a ton of inventory and paid a bunch of booth fees ect. I bought racks, tables, and 2 trailers to haul everything, Yep! for the year that every show has been cancelled, 2020. All of my stuff is sitting and I have been quilting to pay for all of those expenses.

To be honest and real for a moment …I will say, I think I went through a bit of depression at the start of all of this. I have always made pretty sound business decisions. I never wanted my business to be a burden on my husband. He has had multiple surgeries and broken his back because we had a large family and he supported us. So the one time I take a risk by taking on debt to sell… flops. It’s a difficult pill to swallow. But not unlike most people in America. It wasn’t a mortgage payment or anything. But we are the type of people who pay cash for cars, we wait until we have the money for the projects we do ect. So it was out of the ordinary for us. So it probably wasn’t an amount that most people would freak out about? But it was enough for me to realize that I got away from myself and I hate gambling.

I decided that I was going to get myself out of this. I refuse to use any of our household budget to pay this debt. So I have been working my tail off. Per usual. I have been upping my game in other ways. Paying for ads on Etsy. Posting more on social media, Anything to help get myself out of this mess. I am making progress. So not being able to see anyone has been helpful in that sense. I do nothing but work.

Since all of this started Rob has been working overtime. He is an essential worker and he had to step up ..he had no choice. Essentially, after harvest he will have worked 6-7 days a week 12-15 hour days most of the year. That’s great for the budget but not his body. So it’s a concern. I have been taking all of his extra money and dumping it on our mortgage and getting us squared away so that we will have financial freedom sooner rather than later. I am treating to two incomes like separate accounts.

So all of this to say that I am going to start listing some of my samples. I am going to list them here first….if they don’t sell I will list them on Etsy. (I will have to bump up the price on Etsy because of their fees and policies.)

If any of these are purchased the complete amount will be going to my debt not some trip to the Bahamas. Just so you are aware. LOL!

So all of these are samples. They will most likely need washed. My samples are dragged around in the dirt, hanging at shows ect. My samples are also imperfect. I am not a perfectionist. Most of these will also have machine stitched down binding. I don’t have time to hand stitch them.

I will also attach a label if you would like one.

I will accept paypal or check. Check will have a waiting period of 7 days once it’s received before I ship out quilts. I will pay for shipping in the USA,

So here are the first few….just email me if interested.

I am selling each of these for 325$

This is Station it Measures 72×96

*****THIS ONE IS SOLD******* YAY!


This is called Scrap Connection and measures 70×84



This is quadrangle measures 76×88.

I have more to list. I am starting with these. I have some favorites that I can’t part with obviously. But I am really going to try and thin some of them out. I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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