Special Deliveries for Charisma?

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Well today was a GREAT DAY!

I already posted about my Special tablerunner….and I had a hair appointment today ..Oh that just makes a girl feel good am I right?

I neglect my hair to much…I need to go in more regularly but I am so bad about taking care of myself and that is part of it. I mean when I worked in an office I was good about making appointments and being on task. The more I am home and on my own schedule the worse I get about even wanting to make appointments..cause if I go out into public I need to get dressed, do my hair and make-up. Most of the time I don’t if I I just have to go shipping or to the shop to pick up more work..well I have been caught a few times at the shop looking a bit scary..when someone is there to meet me or I run into someone ..I am sure on more than one occsion someone has asked me if I was sick..LOL  I used to dress up all the time and not leave without make-up…but working at home..why bother…unless I just want to feel good for myself..which I need to do more often.

So anyway..my hair was good until ZUMBA. Zumba was good..I feel better about some of the movements now..I should get them all down about this time next year..and then they will change the routine..I am pretty sure.  We all have certain gifts an talents….certainly one of mine is quilting..dancing..moving my hips, legs and arms at the same time?? well no..not a gift. HA!

well my new furniture was delivered today as well…YIPPEEEEEE! Carla and I went shopping months ago like in October. The material was on back order. It’s a plush type of material that feels like minkee…it’s wonderful. I originally wanted to recover my furniture in AMY Butler fabrics and have a bright beautiful room…but I will have to settle for throw pillows. I decided a dark brown would be better suited for all the kids in this house..I don’t want to be a raving lunatic whenever the kids get near my beautiful Amy couches..KWIM?  So I got plain brown couches ..which is totally not Charisma. But it’s better to be kid friendly then wind up in the looney bin over couches. So I took pictures..but it was at night..and the flash on my camera is broken…Camera is my next purchase..trust me.  So these are the best I can get.


Other than that we had a discussion with Bryce about grades. His grades are very poor this semester. So he and I had a bit of a blow-out. but thinsg are better now. We had to walk away from eachother and then Rob the moderator had to come home and make peace between us. Jeri and I had a little discussion because she failed to complete driver’s ed. I am upset that she would throw away our money when she has been reminded several times to finish. So I told her I would no longer pay for other activities until she followed through on this task. She doesn’t have to drive ever in her life..but she needs to finish what she starst especially when it costs 375$.  So That’s my day…..

I hope you all had some special deliveries today….

I bought this antique trunk at a thrift shop years ago..I just love it! atone point someone decopauged old crossword puzzles on the top that’s probably my favorite part!

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  1. Judy January 27, 2012 at 6:59 am - Reply

    Charisma, I like your furniture. I have become more fond of brown lately. I didn’t used to like it at all, but it is such a good neutral color that can be a great background for beautiful quilts like yours. Having had four boys, I know what you mean about kid friendly furniture. One less things to stress over.

  2. Tisha January 27, 2012 at 10:28 am - Reply

    Love the new furniture but GIRL where is the pictures of the rocking hair!!! :)

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