Snowgirl Dresden by T&I

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Well as you all know a few weeks ago I recieved a great package from T. She had decided to sew me some projects from my scraps…I actaully felt bad sending her a box of my scraps because she is already doing applique work for trade for quilting..I just hate to overwhelm anyone….but I have to say I got over the guilt pretty quickly as soon as I opened my box..hehe. Here is the original post.

I also bought new lotion and body wash in that flavor this last weekend while I was in Spokane. YAY! soon as I posted that last post I went to my LQS to see if they had any of this snowgirl flannel left….I knew it was a long shot because it’s a couple years old…but they had one bolt..of the ¬†dark pink with I bought some…and put a border around the center that T had started..and then I tried to build around the rest of it using all the scraps I had of this line. So much of it is pieced and what not..I knew I wanted to keep it for myself to use because it is just so darn adorable and I think it is so special that T made it for me…So while I was in Spokane I picked out this poodle minkee. It just looked like snow..I was going to use pink…but decide the white just had to be the one.

So last night I was like a kid in a candy shop..I had to quilt my special quilt. I was tired and wanted to skip it..but made myself. I finished it and decided to try to fold over my binding again..UGH! I hate that! I am never doing that again..I will pay someone else to do it….

I love the look of it..but it is such a difficult thing for me…it seems like it should be easy…but not for Charisma. I had to piece the backing¬† and then trimming everything to sew on the binding it looked like it had snowed inside my studio..WOW!! What a mess that stuff creates!

Since I am keeping this quilt I actually signed my name..I have never done that before…But I just wanted to…I took a picture.

After the quilt is washed and dried you won’t be able to see any stitching on the back of the quilt….it will just be warm and cozy. So this has flannel on top, poly batting and minkee backing..nice and cozy warm!

Thanks T…I love my quilt…I love that dresden! I am so glad we traded….Blessings


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  1. Jane March 14, 2012 at 6:52 am - Reply

    I have never seen Poodle minkee before. I think it looks great, especially as the binding. It is so different and fits the whimsy of this quilt perfectly. Awesome job C!

  2. Teresa S. Lowery March 14, 2012 at 9:12 pm - Reply

    OH I love it …it looks so cozy. That back is awesome and I think you did a great job making it into a quilt…I knew a dark border would look good and then you just went with it…Looks great….we did…Hugs T

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