Small Talk and Paper Hats!!

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Good Day,

It’s been busy around here as always.

I have been more active on social media and I am trying to figure out some aspects of my business. I am part of a few business groups. They talk about blogs, newsletters, social media and store sites ect. Can I just say as a creator wearing all of these hats is a difficult juggling act?

I never truly know where to put my full focus, half of my focus ect.

I am thinking of introducing a newsletter. I will post different things in my Newsletter than I do my blog. Some things may overlap. But I will keep you all posted on my progress.

I have some big things happening behind the scenes that I am excited about. I am hoping all of these building blocks will work up to more opportunities. That’s what life is all about. I just never know where they will lead. or what opportunities are out there.

Last week I put a picture of a scrap quilt that I made on social media asking for name suggestions.  What do you see?

I had designed this quilt with a specific color theme and I decided one night that I just kind of needed some scrap time. I was thinking it would work with a little less color planning than what I was originally thinking. I decided to work it up. I grabbed several of my Michael Miller scraps from last year’s Ambassador program….the gift that just keeps on giving.:)

I love all of their basics as you can see….most of these are basics that many shops have in stock. There are a few fabrics from a Hawaiian themed line called Paradise from last year that was pretty and I felt added a bit of pizazz to my project.

I saved it as a specific name …but I wasn’t sold on it. I didn’t tell anyone what I thought it looked like to me. The first person I sent a picture to saw something completely different than I did. I thought…HMMMM I better see what others see.

I put it on FB and IG. The response was honestly amazing. So many people saw so many different things. I absolutely loved it. There were so many good ideas that I got lost on what to choose. Some people saw hills or mountains, some saw tulips, some saw paper boats or party hats, waves, camping tents…..there were so many different perspectives. I loved it. I took it to my tech editor and let her choose the name.

She also worked up some magic and made this a FQ friendly project. 30 fat quarters if you want to buy a bundle or you can always use scraps as I did.

It’s a great stash buster. I kind of want to make another one just because I loved the process of this one so much. It was so freeing. I need that sometimes, :)

I will mention that a name that stuck out to me was “The Hills are Alive” My grandma loved The Sound of Music and we have watched that movie many times and years ago we went to the play together. My grandma also loved bright colors ect. But I think i want to reserve that for something else. :)

The pattern is available in my Shop here. 



I hope you all have a wonderful day.



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  1. Jane Y. February 20, 2021 at 5:03 pm - Reply

    I see Peaks and Valleys in the quilt above. Life – as it comes at us.

  2. Kathleen Kingsbury February 20, 2021 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    I love this pattern! This could put quite a dent in my fat quarter drawer :o)

  3. Darlene Brown February 21, 2021 at 6:54 am - Reply

    Good Morning Charisma. I love this pattern, the colors are as beautiful as a Sunset. It made me think of the Bible where We are to live in the valley of the mountains and learn about our Lord Jesus. God sent his son Jesus Christ down from Heaven to Teach us to be more like Him. Its the school where Jesus is the teacher and when we graduate from this school we will sent to the mountains, our Promise Land. I have made quilts that families have taken with them when they passed. I have found my Heavenly Quilt in the quilt you have made. It will go to Heaven with me. Thank You for your Beautiful Quilt. God Bless.

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