Silver Linings

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I have been thinking a lot about how bad things happen to good people. I have even studied in my philosophy class this very subject. I loved my Philosophy class….I heard many people say they hated it…and they dropped out.  Just the books we had to purchase for he class were insane..I think I had to buy something like 9-10 books. I became the cheer leader in that class…When the class ended I got so many nice letters and notes from fellow class mates. They told me how they have a new outlook on Christ and faith…..I think God planted me in that class. I have to say that because in the beginning I was also fearful..then it became one of those things I had to conquer. It made me think…stretch and grow. has just come to my attention alot in the last few weeks….when you are going through a certain time or season in your life…you seem to notice others or you are drawn to those things that are also experiencing the same type of things.

I mentioned in my last blessings post an opportunity to shed light on something that was exposed in a way that was intended for darkness.  God made it possible to turn it into something good.

Well I record this show called “Our America with Lisa Ling” and the episode focused on people who are related to famous villians. A father of a school shooter, The unibomber’s brother (who also turned him in), Another man who also turned in his serial rapist brother,  and a daughter of a serial killer from my hometown, Spokane, WA. While watching this the focus was really how the victims of the relatives are also truly victims..of these same evil people..but they are forgotten. They are not held in the same regard. I would agree with that. But something that I loved in this report is that the two men that lost their brothers…( the serial rapist and the serial bomber) Actually became best friends. One of them reached out to the other and God gave them each another brother because they lost their own brothers to the death penalty and prison.  This is the silver lining isn’t it? Unlikely friends …they wouldn’t have met in any other way..and they have become life long friends.

It also made me think of another serial killer and rapist from my state….The green river killer/rapist and Ted Bundy. Neither of these guys are good..and I don’t want to say much about them…. but the green river killer killed women for over 20 years in our state…and one of the ways in which they were able to catch him was by criminal profiling. When they first started this technique….the FBI interviewed Ted Bundy to get insight on his mind set. He gave them all sorts of information and clues as to what this guy was doing with and to his victims. When they finally caught him ( I won’t fill you in on the gory details) and all the details of the crimes came out….the killer/rapist did indeed do much of what Ted said he was doing.I find that disturbing but fascinating in a way. It boils down to a train of thought and craziness. I will never be able to understand or know because my mind can’t go to those places….and I am very thankful for that. Those are places demons occupy if you ask me. But Ted did do something good to shed light on that and help them catch a like minded person. He also helped set a new tool to catch bad people. Silver lining.

I think all of these things are extreme cases….but what I do know is that when we are broken enough we tend to reach out more. We are looking for a lifeline and some hope that things will get better…sometimes when in the middle of the storm it’s hard to see the light….or the silver lining.  Sometimes we have to go through these hard times just to have our “Come to Jesus” Moment. As I get older I am learning to embrace the little blessings everyday and to try to find the silver lining right away…because it always reveals itself at the right time…and then BOOM! You just know that’s it! We have to expect the unexpected right? But we all get blessings along the way to help guide and direct us to look up and know God is always with us…lifting us and taking care of us. I feel that way. I feel that way. He will bring two men together that have a void made by an unhealthy brother, he will use a bad guy to help create a tool to catch other bad guys. In my own life I gave up the unhealthy people in my family and God gave me  friends to fill that void….those friends are my family. God’s family is good. I had prayed that God would provide…and he did. I have lots of people that love a healthy way that lifts me up and fills me up.  I am so thankful. As I always say those hurtful times are times of growth and there is always something better around the corner. It’s AMAZING.

I hope this touches someone else.





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