Signature Quilt for Graduation

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IMG_4880Just thought I would share this quilt I made for my daughter’s graduation party. Beth brought it back all bound and ready to go.IMG_4879

I thought a little momento of her graduation would be nice. This is a first milestone for her….where she followed through with something….even though Rob and I had to drag her to do it…but I digress. IMG_4878

I took a panel of labels and I ironed on a stabilizer ( like what you use for T-shirt quilts) so it would make the fabric a bit stiffer. I wanted to have it ready so it could just go with her when she moves….which will be right after her grad party.  Then I added the top part and a border. I fused on her initials and the initials of her school…none of these are her school colors. I thought she would like it more if we didn’t make them black and orange (tigers). Then I quilted around all of the “labels” and her picture…I also outlined the fused letters while on the long arm…so I didn’t have to sew them down.  IMG_4881


For the back I found this cute graduation cap fabric. IMG_4882

Now it’s ready to go…I will just provide some fabric people can sign it or write scripture for her future.

Quick easy project and a forever keepsake.



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  1. Lavonne Gribben April 26, 2013 at 12:05 pm - Reply

    I absolutely love this. What a great idea and the fabric on the back couldn’t be more perfect.

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