Scrappy orphan blocks

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So while I am working on quilts I might have a few extra blocks..or blocks that didn’t make the cut. I also get a few blocks from friends. I also have all of those leftover HST’s that you cut off of other projects. So I just sew those together as I go along and put them into blocks. Then those orphan blocks go into a separate bin. Not into the bin of scraps. So when that bin gets full –I put them into a orphan block quilt. Or in this case 2 quilts.

One of them is a good size twin quilt the other is a nice lap quilt.

I also used scraps for the back.

It honestly only took me a few hours to get these 2 tops together. the blocks are all done..and I just sew them together improv style …so there are no rules or anything and if it sew it. The puzzle comes together and they are completed tops.

I used minkee for the back of the small one. I quilted them both on the computer. Otherwise they would never be finished. LOL!

The gray minkee was also scraps from another project so I had to piece it.

I am so happy with the finish on these. But also happy that my bin is pretty much empty again and it’s like have free quilts. They are interesting to look at, easy to put together and just plain fun. I realize my version of fun isn’t the same for everyone. LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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