School Free Friday

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Ok So here is a picture of the bacon and cheddar grasshoppers that are left….UGH! They are saving them for special occasions. LOL

GROSS. Have you heard enough about the grasshoppers yet?

Another bit of advice from Charisma:

Don’t leave packets of ketchup accessible to kids. I think applies to packets of any kind of sauce FYI.

Well I forgot to share another disturbing thought yesterday. Clarissa thought it would be a fun trick to put ketchup packets under the toilet seat to get daddy when he got home from work and had to use the pot.
Well someone else got them because she put them on 90 minutes before he got home. Our bathrooms have rotating doors around here. I told her to wait but she couldn’t. Nobody fessed up to getting the trick. So then apparently during dinner Bryce went and put two folded in half, Arby’s sauce packets under the seat….I was racing to go before Rob went in because that’s what us girls always do..right?
Well I sat on the darn packets …they all knew they were in there. I just heard a huge “POP” and screamed cause I thought I broke the toilet.
Dang it!
I didn’t even know what had happened because I had forgotten about the prank until I heard the loud thunderous laughter from the dining room. Well no sauce actually got on me..HA! The joke was on him because I made him clean the toilet and the walls. But I honestly did get scared there for a second. Like I was so fat the toilet was finally buckling under..poor gal I wouldn’t blame her.
Bryce was laughing so hard he couldn’t catch his breath. I hope they thought it was worth it. Well we all know they did.

School is out today.
The kids got up ate breakfast and went sledding. They came home for hot chocolate and lunch..they are getting ready to go out again.

I went grocery shopping. I need to start quilting. I hope you all have a fantastic friday.

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