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Wears us out! LOl. Clarissa said on the last store of our trip….”Mom I like shopping but not when we do it all day!’

Yeah..I think we were all worn out. ready for home..and we only had to shop for two kids…the girls. we got 90% of our stuff at Ross. You just can’t go wrong with ross. We tried to get Rob some pants…no dice. We have to special order them of course…..and they couldn’t get on the site at Penny’s because they were re-modeling and not releasing any details. good grief!

The girls have all of their stuff…except I have to go buy all socks and Underwear…next month..we can do that from home at Wal-mart. So there ya go!

I posted a few quilt items for sale..on my new tab here. I have more to post I just need to photograph them. You can always make an offer…if the sale price doesn’t seem good to you. I will hold on to offer if the quilts don’t sell before my deadline. Sound good?

I found out today….that we will be arriving in Port of Prince in Haiti…..then we have a 6-10 hour drive to our mission location in the back of a long bed truck. There and back …..I think that will be the most stressful part of my trip. LOL Squishing into a truck with 20 other people…for 6-10 hours. I love God lots…cause that doesn’t sound fun to me. Sweltering heat….no roads…no comfy seats. I better gear up. LOL Fun times ahead. I already have my flight I know the times I am leaving..and where from. I am already complaining right? LOL good grief!  I will have Internet access from my phone while in Port of when I first arrive and the two days before I leave..we will be there..other than that…nothing. However unless they have electricity in port of prince…no won’t be charged.

So long day…lots of shopping..and good deals. Fun times..good eats.  Great day off..can stress about quilts later.




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