Saturdays in Spring

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Well it’s getting to the point of summer now…it’s been hot the 80’s a couple times this week. I hate the heat. I am trying to get an estimate again to see about getting a heating/cooling unit in my studio..the guy was actually supposed to come today and didn’t.

But Rob and Bryce started getting the yard ready for ..weed & feed. Grass seed, mowed…and watered. We also bought a ladder so Rob can finish painting our trim. Years ago ( like 5) we got new windows in the house and when Sears put them in they framed them in with a I picked a different color than what our trim was..and Rob was supposed to paint..he started and never finished so I have been living with two tone trim for quite some time. This is the year!…We got a ladder and I asked for that to be done for my Mother’s day gift.

So hopefully my wish list will be done..hehe.

I didn’t get much quilting done today…I started one for Lori…and i finished one of mine..I had to get mine off the small frame so Cole could put one of his on the frame….he got work..yay! This quilt is actually from the book called “Material Obsession”. It’s called Cowboy Baby. Because the original quilt was made with a focus fabric of little cowboys. Of course mine is made with different fabrics…I used a moda line by April Cornell….the funny thing is I bought each piece separately not realizing it was all the same line…pretty amazing how I did that! I just thought they all coordinated. ha!

Donna took Preston to a professional wrestling match in Wenatchee tonight. They got third row seats and they get to meet the wrestlers. That’s pretty cool. {if you like wrestling}. My kids don’t really have Aunts & Uncles or Grandparents near by …so they don’t spend time with anyone except {us} their parents…so it’s nice that we have good friend that fill in those gaps. I am always thankful for the angels that come into our life that way!

We had a few extra kids last night..and what do you know we have a few this night. I love having a full house.

But today I went into Clarissa’s room which is messy {by the way or I would share more pictures} and I saw this….her favorite baby tucked in her bean bag chair{ all nestled in.} It is rare that she actually plays with her babies’s kind of sad because they were such a  huge part of her life just a few years ago….she couldn’t go anywhere without her baby. This warmed my heart to see that even she likes to play with them sometimes….when someone isn’t watching her.She will be 9 in a few weeks and it doesn’t seem possible.  Sheisn’t a baby anymore…she is so independent. So I forget sometimes that she is ONLY 9….only 9…I wish I were saying only 5 or only 4….ahhhhh well I guess I have to let them grow up.

This is a quilt that hangs in Clarissa’s room.  along with Yahoo kitty Below

well I am beat tired…I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!


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