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Oh How times escapes me?


I cleaned out several cupboards today…Our church is having a yard sale to benefit the mission trip. I need to downsize and simplify.

We had so many lids to rubbermaid containers we don’t have I threw a bunch of those out…and got rid of a bunch of pots and pans I don’t need or use. I am going to go through my china hutch..and get rid of a bunch of stuff I just store.. then I am getting rid of the hutch. I debated whether or not I should give it the Annie Sloan chalk paint makeover..which would look really nice….but in the end I would rather have the space and quilt hoarding. Plus it will be donated for a good cause…so it’s time. I just feel such a need to toss out …and get rid of so many things…except of course fabric and quilts. During that whole process Clarissa and I made a HUGE strawberry Rhubarb pie. Yummy!

Victoria, My friend and Pastor’s wife came over to get training on template quilting. Bryce and I are having a hard time right now and we can’t work together. He did really well then he sloughed off..adn he and I are butting until his attitude get better I am not going to work in the same space with him. School is starting soon and  he may have a possible job working for someone at church. So mayeb he can take direction from someone else better than his mom.

Vistoria has always been a career woman..recently had a baby and really wants to be home with her baby boy. She is working a full-time job right now….but she would like to make a living selling Pampered Chef…and I offered to let her train on templates so she could maybe earn a  few $$ here and there until Pampered Chef takes off. She is doing great so far..andI am praying it all comes together soon.

I also finished a few quilts for Carla…and picked up binding work from Beth….so I did get alot accomplished today…I just know all the stuff I have to get done before I leave for the show and it has be a bit flustered. I wish I would have had a bit more time to prepare.

Besides that…things are well here…I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



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