Saturday October 27

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I leave in 9 days. What? I have been neglecting so many things. It’s like this deep seeded part of me wants to relish in what I love most. Spending time with my friends and family, cooking, baking, resting, reading and I need to get work done. I have been avoiding to long. It’s pretty amazing. I was all psyched this morning to get in the studio …then found out Clarissa had 2 basketball games this morning.

Clarissa playing basketball…..all I can say is you can tell when she is on the court that she is a ballerina….the way she runs across the court is more like a flouncing butterfly…taking her time and running on her tippy toes. Aggressive player?…no. She refuses to get in anyone’s face and take a ball. If someone falls she says”Sorry” if someone gets hurt or falls she wants to make sure they are ok. When told to go to a certain position..she has no idea what her coach is telling her. She fiddles with her hair, shirt, short pockets…..and whatever else. The ball was actually thrown towards her and she screamed. Can I just say we are cut from the same cloth?  I know she is playing because all of her besties are playing. Shelby her number uno bestie..I have dubbed the “Pit Bull” That girl goes after the ball like she is playing fetch…nobody can get in her way. She even gets this aggressive pit bull type face. Clarissa doesn’t have that face….LOL. I think it’s a good thing. I also think that’s why they are friends.

I also noticed that while they were on the court at the same time Shelby is very concerned with taking care of Clarissa and directing her. This is a common theme in their relationship. Clarissa is the nurturer and Shelby is the boss. Clarissa just does what she is told. But as much as Rob would like Clarissa to play this sport and conform. It’s just not in her. I think with practice she may be able to cope with playing..and not be made completely fun of……but  in the end..I don’t want her to lose all the special parts of her that make her “Clarissa”…..I think at this age it is pretty apparent who has natural talent and who will be on the sidelines. But it doesn’t hurt to try..and of course she has to finish out the season because she started it.  We don’t have quitters here. But I just hate this. Just as much as I hate the fact that Carl plays football. It’s not him it’s not his type of thing. That is very aggressive and not the type of person he is….so I hate that he will play a sport to fit in….he doesn’t need to fit in. I am just the mom. This is how they I have to let go and let them make their own decisions…they will eventually come into their own. Hopefully.

Jeri is in trouble. UGH! She is not getting good grades..end of quarter is Monday. So we have grounded her..( last week) and then found out she brought home her friend’s  kindle so she could stay up late chatting in her room……yah. Now she is in bigger trouble. She thinks because she will be 18 in 5 months that she is practically an adult and she can what she wants….guess what? Nope….she can’t.

Bryce got up late for school again yesterday. he wasn’t even going to argue or try to hide it. So he has been doing extra chores and making up for his trouble. Can i say this new Bryce that is trying really hard is completely different than Angry Wild Testosterone kid? I am not sure what clicked…but AMEN! It’s much easier to work with him lately. I am sure it’s just a phase…and I am sure that it won’t last long. He turns 16 in a few weeks.

We had couples dinner at the church last night…we stayed up late, played games and had a great time..just relaxing and having fun. I love this church and it’s people. So nice to hang.

Well I need to get some more work done…since I have been avoiding…I hope you all have a great day!


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