Saturday Night

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Trina took Carl and Jeri to the coast to visit her Dad. A brief explanation for those who don’t know the story…

Trina is their Bio- Mom. She was a drug addict that abandoned them when they were very young …about 5 years ago she got clean..moved to our town to have a relationship with them, went to college, got a job and now visits every other weekend.Usually just a day trip. So this is her first experience taking them out of town. I made friends with her becuase it was better to be friends with her ….so I could teach her how to be a parent. It is better to teach with love than hate. She can’t really be a mom because she doesn’t know how…but she tries to be their friend..which is difficult for me at times…but I think we are at the end anyway..Jeri is 17 (in a few days) and Carl is a healthy kid who doesn’t really stretch boundaries.  In about a year Jeri will be off to college ..and they will be able to define their relationship however they want.

So we only have 4 kids at home….we decided to go out to lunch..tacos….and we took the kids to a movie..we invited my dear friend Donna…cause Clarissa is taking sewing lessons from her and said “We should invite Donna..She wants to see that movie” so we did. We saw Mirror, Mirror. It was a cute, funny movie. Great family film.

I also finished a few quilts.

The sermon was really good today..I need to process it a bit and then I will share.

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!






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