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It’s the WEEKEND!  I love the weekend. Even though I am home everyday of the week..isn’t there something about the weekend that no matter what it is there is relief …maybe it’s just that whole feeling from when I was in an office job. But Saturdays is my day to forget about most things and just tink around. I slept in….weird. I think I do that about once a month because I have to catch up at sometime. Then I got up and started meal planning for the week. I like to make a big dinner on Sundays…cause it’s always a “family” day and it’s a nice way to start the week.  Especially when it’s a Sunday that the boys come back from their weekend at Landon’s. We all come together and share a meal and usually a laugh or two. So tomorrow’s meal is roasted chicken and I went online to find a cornbread stuffing recipe…so we will try that. ( I froze some cornbread a few weeks ago because we had excess and I didn’t want it to go bad…I dislike wasting food so I will freeze anything I can to save it.  Weird ..I know.
I think it’s one of those things I held on to from my childhood.
I guess that’s a good thing?

I love that feeling of making something from nothing whether it be in the kitchen or my studio. :)

So Thursday I started working on my OBW cubes ( OBW= one block wonder) Here is a tutorial to make a OBW ( just click on the PDF she made and it will come up). I will talk more about the process tomorrow when I post pictures about it. but The reason I am sharing is because I get to mark another UFO off my LIST!!!!! YAY! That’s almost the best part!

It took me 3 days. Of course I have life all around so not three days of just working on it…but most of my studio time for sure in those three days.

Thursday was my quilt group meeting. They liked the casserole recipe I shared on here…we played FQ bingo, LRC and I didn’t win anything. Weird. LOL But we always have a good time. We always have show and tell….I wouldn’t have brought anything if it were at someone else’s house…but since we were at mine I shared a few things. I just have so much every time it would become Charisma’s S&T…and who wants “That” person at their meetings. So I just take a few things here and there. Years ago I was part of a quilting competition…I was working full-time, going to school full-time ( not LAQing yet) and I was basically kicked out and told I couldn’t play again…because people didn’t believe that I made everything or that I was cheating in some way? Ridiculous. They just didn’t want to compete against me..and that is fine. They didn’t have another competition because it caused so much trouble. LOL..who would of thought?

Last night we went to movie night at church. Friday nights is spent at church and it’s Rob ministry. He picks the movies ( mostly) and of course they have to be family appropriate. Well he chose “The Muppet Movie” …it’s the Muppets and a musical. Probably the only musical Rob likes…and my family loves it so much we bought the sound track. Well we barely had anyone show up…5 other people..LOL. WHY? Cause they didn’t want to watch the Muppets. Weird.  It’s difficult trying to balance the adults and kids…and pleasing everyone.

I have been watching little Laura….and I am still so in -love. All little kids love Rob …but she hasn’t spent much time with him. So I didn’t want to scare her or leave her with someone had been a week since she had seen him.  Friday Breakfast with quilt group came around and she doesn’t come until  a bit later on Fridays. Fridays is Rob’s day off right now…so she was going to have to be with him until I got home.  They were fast friends…and she talked and talked. He taught her how to play angry birds on my I-pad…and watch Strawberry shortcake on my I-pad ( netflix). She was just chattering away..he can barely understand her….but she just makes us smile. It’s so nice having a little one in the house again…she notices things we forget about ..everything is so new and exciting. She laughs and smiles and there is no stress because she doesn’t have “responsibility.” I have fallen in love with her. I know they grow up…and I know that things change..but I am just enjoying her now. Her mom told me that she was so thankful because she has noticed a visible change in her behavior since she started coming here she is so happy. That makes me feel good…..we all just love her and want to take care of her. So it’s a Win-Win for all of us.

Well Preston was finally able to rid his chore of dishes. AMAZING! Now Clarissa has the chore. The deal is that the person who has the kitchen chore has to maintain the kitchen properly for 2 weeks and  then they can pass it off for the next chore in the rotation. I would like to say this is a regular shift..but sadly no. My kids need lots of “learning opportunities” most of the boys have kept it for about 6 months until they figured everything out. Despite checklists and routines. It’s just laziness. Well Clarissa has had it since Wednesday. That was such a proud day for Preston to pass the torch. Well a few of the boys have told Clarissa “good luck” and making wagers for about how long she will have the chore.   She gave them a smug look and said “Challenge accepted” she said it will only take me 2-4 weeks. I said why 4…she said she had to give herself room for error…she can’t be wrongs. She hates that. but she has been holding on strong and kept it clean so far..she obsesses about she doesn’t have to deal with her brothers. LOL She would like nothing more than to hand it over to Cole on Feb. 6th. Jeri is just hoping that between Cole and Clarissa they flub up so she doesn’t get it back before she leaves home in 6 the race is on. It’s so funny what is torture for us when we are young. If I only had to clean the kitchen everyday for my whole life..I would be in love with the kitchen.  I can’t wait until they have their own houses and responsibilities. They will think living at home was a vacation.

Well Tomorrow is God’s day….looking forward to that. I hope you all have a wonderful night!



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