Saturday 2-24-12

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Hi friends

Today I got a late start, I think I am coming down with a cold. UGH! Not a fan of those…lol

So I stayed in a bed a bit later than usual. when I got up and around I started working a bit ….also had family work on their chores..this was an all day process.

I also made 5 batches of pumpkin bread and muffins…I wanted to make some for the kids after school snacks and also for church tomorrow.

Rob and I also went to the grocery store so we could get food for our new diet. Lots of fresh veggies and meat…we are going off the sugars and carbs. Kind of doing a  cleanse. Getting the bad stuff out…starting monday.

Hope it goes well.

Other than that? I have been quilting….what do you know?

Oh i also got a box of my scrappy quilts back today…I have already posted the pics…but they finally made it home…I am so excited….so now this week I will have to buy backings and think about how I am going to quilt them. Fun!

Well I will will check in tomorrow…Have a fabulous Saturday!


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