Rough Days.

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I am really trying hard to count my blessings.

I am trying really hard not to let the devil take residence in my head.

We have been hit so hard with so many things. I am really, REALLY, trying to see the good things.

Last month Rob and I both had hackers get into our credit accounts and try to charge stuff. Credit card companies are really good about alerting you and trying to crack down on this. Thank goodness.

But them last week we got a notice from a collection agency stating that Rob had opened a paypal account and didn’t pay the bill. He did in fact open one last December..and paid through our checking wasn’t a credit account. It was identity theft and paypal along with the collection agency recognized this…thank goodness.

Well last night I was up late working and decided to finally go to bed. I took my ipad..checked my mail and I had an email from AMAZON stating that someone was trying to purchase something on the site with a credit card that is linked to my account..they deemed it fraud and told me to check my financial institution. My debit card is linked to my amazon account…so I checked my on-line banking info…I had 18 charges on my account that were not our..they had all happened in just a matter of hours. I woke up Rob and we called to cancel our cards. UGH! I called the bank this morning…I have to wait for all the charges to clear and then dispute them…even though they all know it’s fraud and not our…we have to sit on all of this and wait. They also said that this guy is pretty aggressive because even after my card was cancelled he had tried over 60 times to use it. Bad part? He got the good night..all of mine and Rob big electronic deposits came in last night. I could puke. So now we have to wait a week or more to get access to our own hard earned money….this makes me mad!

Had Amazon not sent that to me…they would have gotten all of my money.  SO on top of all of that…Rob ran a scan on computer..just to make sure it isn’t anything from us. We changed PW’s on everything and when I get my new debit cards I will have to change all of our account info everywhere again. I have decided that I am not going to use my debit card anywhere anymore. I am going to use a credit card and just pay it off each month. This is getting pretty ridiculous. At least my credit card company will call me with alerts ( or text ) and I feel safer using my credit card. My bank could really care less about my account or funds. So I have heard plenty of times today..the number one place they say to never use your debit card? Gas pumps. Apparently they are hacked pretty regularly. Good to know. Thought I would share.  Ten tears ago when I had horrible credit ( filed Bankruptcy in my divorce) and no money this would have never happened. See what happens when you try to build up credit? Ridiculous. I am just so thankful I didn’t have a million checks out and now accruing fees and what not…..Amazon saved me from a mess.  I think I should be happy that I don’t have to pay bills don’t you? Since some JERKS have my money in holding.

The couple that was causing trouble at church were asked to leave for a 6 months. They aren’t happy.

I got some more feedback from the courts and feel good about all of that now. The final portion and answer will be sent to me in May. Feel good about all of that.

So now that that is all out…..Maybe I can start focusing on the good things again. PLease pray for me. I am not sleeping well…and I don’t want this stuff to take over my positive outlook.










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  1. Suzette March 22, 2013 at 8:41 am - Reply

    I’m so sorry this happened to you! Many people don’t realize that debit cards are the easiest things to hack and of course, we use them all over town. You have already found the answer, just use your credit card and pay it off each month. Same amount of money going out, but much, much safer. I could not get this through to my daughter until her debit card was hacked just last week. She’s switching to a credit card asap.

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