Raydene’s 3 -d Ocean quilt

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Ok so I got a call stating I was late for a dr.s appt. If you knew how difficult it was to get into my Dr….you would know this was a crazy thing…and I was in the middle of taking photos of quilts. I told Rob to finish taking them for me…

As a result I have weird pictures of this quilt without a photo of the whole quilt. *eyeroll* Sorry Raydene! Poor Guy he tries to help…he’s still learning.

I wish you could all see the whole quilt..it’s really a lovely quilt.

I have a post of Raydene’s friends on my site as well…but I can’t seem to find it…wouldn’t you know. LOL

I feel terrible because a lot of work went into this quilt and it’s so unique it’s in it’s piecing. Every block is 3-d and it’s made in a way that it has the cathedral window type folding to give it that dimension. So it’s really eye catching.

Thanks Raydene!

Blessings to all of you today!



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