Ramblings..and a scam

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Hi Friends,
Well I couldn’t get to my desk to make an entry last night..I was far too excited to work on my wool BOM. I finished it but I did stay up way too late. It was rough getting out of bed this morning but I did it and tonight is another Zumba night. I would totally give up liquids today in order to accommodate my weak bladder..but then I know I would be sluggish and sore after the workout, I will just drink lots this AM and hold off a bit before I work out.
Plan in place.
I have already prepared dinner for tonight.
I have been working like crazy to stay on top of things and also try and complete some of my own projects. I didn’t actually realize how much time I spent in school I think? I seem to catch up a lot faster now that I don’t have that hanging over my head. I had to spend so much time reading and then it would take me forever to write my papers. I am one of those people who just thinks “Oh I can squeeze one more thing in, it won’t be a big deal. Clearly it is.

I am so excited I have two quilts coming back home after I shipped them to my friend for LAQ. I will take pictures and post them as soon as I get them. She is so good at LAQ. I am so fortunate to work with the best people. I am sort of on a quest to get my own quilt tops finished up, you know the one that have been laying around for 7-8 years. I actually found another trunk containing tops..neatly folded with their backs already prepared waiting for LAQ. It’s amazing how many I have. Hopefully that’s the last one..LOL. But it’s nice to send them out sometimes because other people see things differently and it adds some flavor. We all need to share ideas and interpretations. It helps us all succeed. It’s fun.

Well I have to say this because I am a bit disappointed. There was a gal on another forum that had been on there for quite some time. I thought we had formed a friendly sort of relationship. She sent me a quilt ..and then she disappeared for 8 months. So I just saved it until she came back. Then she asked me if I would quilt it for her, of course. Then she paid me through paypal. As soon as she got her quilt back she told me she loved it everything was fine. Then she told paypal to take the money back. So I wrote to her to ask if there was a problem. She replied with¬† “no everything is GREAT! I love my quilt!” She in fact went on and on about it..and wanted me to quilt anotehr one for her. ¬†Then she tells me that she has been having issues with paypal..they are working it out, someone hacked into her account. I think.” Ok that is a valid issue” She said she was working it out on her end. So I was to just stay put. I am so easily taken advantage of. Clearly. So she was scamming me the whole time..Paypal took the money back..I wrote to them and they sided with her because I waited to long. I should have acted promptly but I thought this gal was honest. She had been a part of this forum really active for a long time..then she took a break. I am shocked. So that was an expensive lesson. I won’t ever wait again and trust people. But it makes me not want to use paypal again because with check or money order, I can have the funds before I send back the quilt..plus I don’t have to pay a percentage. There is a positive and negative to everything, I suppose. This is really an isolated incident. I think, I hope so anyway. I won’t let it jade me too much. What really makes me heart hurt more than money because I would have worked out a payment plan with her ..honestly, is that I thought she was a friend. We used to write back and forth and now of course she has just disappeared. I am not leaving her bad feedback because I will spare us all the drama. But I will inform people who ask me about her not to trust her. I don’t want any of my friends taken advantage of.

Well I should get some work done. Beth is coming to drop off quilts today! YAY!

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  1. Charisma January 24, 2012 at 1:04 pm - Reply

    I am trying to see if I can leave a comment…

  2. Michael Holmes January 24, 2012 at 1:09 pm - Reply

    Are people having an issue leaving comments? They might need to be sure they copy and paste the password part. It’s the SPAM deterrent. :)

  3. Donna January 24, 2012 at 7:20 pm - Reply

    I am trying to post a comment. Tried earlier but it never appeared.

    You should leave her negative feedback. This might help someone else avoid a bad dealing with her. I would like to know who she is so the I never deal with her.
    We always think that quilters are honest and friendly – but I guess not all are.

  4. Martha January 24, 2012 at 11:14 pm - Reply

    I agree with Donna, you should leave negative feedback so no one else goes through what you did. It is terrible what she did and it needs to be prevented. I am sad for you to have been taken advantage of. But I believe there are many more good people than there are bad ones. Keep the faith, I know you will :^)

  5. Judy January 25, 2012 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    Oh C,
    That makes me so sad,I cannot believe someone would do that to you. But I guess there are people like that everywhere. Marilyn,Sheila and Amy and I are going shop hopping this weekend,wish you were here to go with us.
    Take care and stick with the diet. I have decided to email instead of phoning…it is more convenient for everyone. Huggs Judy

  6. Karin January 26, 2012 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    UGH. I don’t say this often, so you know I mean it when I do: that STINKS. I hate that people are so cruel and stupid sometimes, especially to others that are so NICE! ARGH…it just burns me up!

    Lesson learned, and don’t let it get you down – she’s just not worth your time anymore.

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